Having Some Fun – PT. 2

“You ready Baby Doll?” No words, just the longing look and and a nod of ascent. “Get up, get Learherman (our belt), kneel in seiza with Leatherman in your mouth.” She shudders as she knows exactly what’s coming next. She sits, obediently, as I go to the bathroom, then return and watch a few minutes of tv. I stroke my cock in expectation of the rest of the night. I stand in front of her and relieve her of Learherman. She grabs my ass and takes the full length of my shaft in her mouth and down her throat. She gags, backs off and then starts sucking my cock. I wrap Leatherman around my hand leaving a nice 18 inch length for striking, I raise it above my head and bring it down hard on her back. She jumps. But doesn’t stop sucking. She knows she’s not allowed, she must suck through the pain. I bring the belt down again and again. She whimpers on my cock and squirms under the lash. Baby Doll hesitates for a second which incurs a flurry of lashes a cross her back.

“Get up Baby Doll.” Again, she stands hands clasped in from of her. I reign down lashes across her trembling legs and ample breasts. The welts raise instantly, which flares the Monster in my belly, so I bring the belt down faster and harder. Covered in welts, and only moments away from breaking, Baby Doll knows this is just the appetizer, the pain warm up. But before the next round of pain, comes the pleasure…

“Lay on your back on the bed.” She slides a pillow under her ass and I enter her slowly, continuing to push until the entire length of my shaft is inside her and then I lay the full weight of my body on her to drive my cock even further inside her. She rakes my back with her nails so I feel the skin break and grabs my ass to hold me inside her. The bed and pillow are already drenched with Baby Doll’s pleasure. I thrust and stroke her as she moans and gasps. We kiss passionate deep kisses devouring each other’s soul. As she rides the waves of pleasure higher and higher, I thrust back and withdraw in one fast and sudden movement. She whimpers and begs for me to keep fucking her… But I need my face in her beautiful pussy. I want my face covered in her love.

Baby Doll loves my tongue and mouth.  I love being immersed in her pussy, I am always covered in her by the time I am done. Her delicate pearl of pleasure is always my main focus, however, I take my time…it is not just about making her cum, it is about the experience, giving her the maximum amount of pleasure that I can. I lick, flick, swirl, suck, bite, nibble, devour…I am often rewarded with a gush of her sweet juice which fills my mouth and strokes my ego. All the while, my hands alternate between meandering over her breasts to her nipples to rub, pinch, and grope or wrapping around her thighs to pull my face even further into her warm wet wonderland. It’s a joke that we spend nine months trying to get out and the rest of our lives trying to get back in, but some days…it feels like I am literally trying to climb back in. I can’t explain the pleasure that I get from having my head between her legs, feeling her fingers running through my hair, pulling my head into her body, gyrating and grinding on my face. Baby Doll continues to ride the waves of pleasure.  Each crest getting higher and higher, bringing her closer to climax. There is no rushing Baby Doll, you can’t force that last crest, you can just hang on and ride the wave. But then her breathing becomes shallow and fast, interrupted by one deep breath, her whole body starts to tense: “Master may I cum?” she moans. (From early on in our relationship, I have owned her orgasms, she is only allowed to cum when I allow.) “Mmmmhhhhmmmm…” I moan through a mouth full of muff.  Then all goes silent, she holds her breath, squeezes my head with her thighs, I grab them and pull my face further into her so she can’t escape…I know she will not take another breath until I stop sucking and licking…it is the ultimate power through pleasure…ecstasy rips through her body, I continue to suck and lick her clit, not allowing her to relax. Finally I release her clit with a pop, she relaxes and breathes again, her whole body shaking and quivering as her orgasm continues to work its way through her every cell. I lay silently, stroking her body, my head still laying next to her pussy, legs still wrapped around me like a relaxed boa constrictor. I give her 30 seconds to rest before I start licking her again, gently at first… “No, no, no…” she whispers as she shakes her head. But I wasn’t done yet… I had done the work to get the first one, now I knew I could wrack her with as many as 8 more before she couldn’t take any more.  Each one only taking 1 minute as compared to the 20-30 for the first.  This was my reward!  (and hers I suppose…lol) Once I decided we had had enough, I join her at the head of the bed so we can cuddle, kiss, and enjoy the afterglow… I like to save myself for later. I give her 10 minutes to enjoy her ecstasy before we move on…

Look for PT. 3 soon!

Our Weekend Away

Master and I got a weekend away. We did some of our normal errands on Saturday, the family stuff, and then we were free to go. Red & Kitty had all the kids, they went to dance class and lunch, which is part of our normal Saturday. Once the shopping was done and put away, we headed out. I was able to get a room at an awesome local resort hotel….let me say, the room was awesome!! Even the hallways were pretty cool. Modern deco, kind of dark. The room was small but hey, it was a fabulous bed and even better shower. LOVED the shower. It has a main showerhead and then a rain head above that felt incredible. I could have spent half the time in there and been perfectly happy. We certainly didn’t skimp on shower time, though (including golden showers). We got dressed, Master helped me choose the outfit he liked best and we headed out to downtown bars.

The first bar we ended up at because the other we discovered last time wasn’t open yet. It’s a bar that Master and Kitty used to go to. Pretty cool place, and yes, Master….the bartender is quite attractive! Not exactly my type but I wouldn’t turn him away either. I stand by what I say….I think he’s curious as to why Master is showing up with me now and not Kitty, it’s amusing. The drinks are good. We were having a good time, some serious talk mixed in with some good laughs, yummy appetizer and of course lots of flirting. We are both the biggest flirts. Then we headed to the other bar. It’s more my type, dark atmosphere, red & black mostly. They rotate the drinks every so often so the menu was different this time. We didn’t stay too long, headed out for dinner after the cocktails were done. Two good drinks and I was certainly giggly and feeling good. We tried one Japanese restaurant but the wait was too long so we discovered another. Very good food. Wonderful dinner. Back at the hotel, we ended up passing out. Not from a lack of trying…but after a long day (we were up since 6:30 am with the kids), running around, drinks and dinner, a little bit of exhaustion set in and out we went.

Sunday morning, we certainly more than made up for the night before. Master’s oral skills….I can’t even begin to describe how out of this world amazing they are. And then of course, another wonderfully long shower afterwards. We checked out and had yet another yummy meal before heading to a local State Park. The air was just cool enough to be tolerable even with the sun being so warm already. Oh the joys of living in a desert. The red rock and sand, the blooming cacti and flowers alongside the road, all beautiful and fun to be exploring with Master. I’m not much of an outdoors girl but I will venture on occasion.

We had some good talks while in the car, about the divorces, our feelings and opinions about us having an open marriage eventually. Putting the cart before the horse, I know, but we are both talkers. We will talk about everything, over and over, to get a completely clear picture. It’s our thing, our personality. Most people find it annoying I think, but we get it and each other. It hasn’t been set officially amongst the four of us but it looks like our big “quad” talk will happen on April 12th. Shortly thereafter, we need to get paperwork rolling. In our state, uncontested divorces take up to three weeks to get granted. As long as no one is hesitating, it will all be done within the next couple of months. Master and I are already thinking about a date to set for us to get married, thinking about where we are going to do it, looking at dresses. I never really cared about marrying Red, it wasn’t until I was pregnant with our first that my mother insisted we get married and I relented finally when I was 6 months along. Now all I can think about is finding a dress I love and promising my forever to Him with our families and kids there. It’s been decided no more poly for us. It’s not a forever decision but most likely won’t happen. Opening our marriage eventually would mean just casual fun, swinging really. Because both of us are adventurous and like to have fun. Master has fantasies that I would love to fulfill for him. I don’t think any of that will happen any time soon. We both like to joke and talk about it, but when push comes to shove, we are still really too new and too raw to be throwing in all the complications that comes with non-monogamy.

Another week is passing and with each day that things remain somewhat calm at home, a little more of my optimism returns for hopes of an easier transition and start to all our new lives.

Day 13 — A band or artist that has gotten you through some tough days

Dear NIN,

I will never forget listening to your music for the first time when I was 14. It shifted my entire reality. I was always a fan of music, especially music with such raw emotion behind it that I can relate to or understand. I grew up with your voice and words resonating through my soul, in good times and in bad. “Something I Can Never Have” has always touched me the deepest, even now, 20 years later, I stop and listen to each word of that song and feel it deep inside. It says to me, there is always a hunger within us, we are always searching for something but never quite sure what it is we seek. Pretty Hate Machine is a beautiful album, every song powerful and full of meaning. And every album after has been more amazing than the last.

Your soft, yet hard voice makes each word and song even more powerful and the talent behind being able to write and produce all your music on your own has always astounded me. The hard, cutting industrial sound mixed with your lyrics sung by your beautiful voice makes for an amazing combination that I can’t believe anyone could ever ignore.

Thank you for exposing the rawest part of you to the world, giving us such a gift that’s obviously pieces of  your soul and letting us experience it for ourselves, to be able to relate and know that there is someone out there who understands us. The “those” of us are not alone, as hard as it might be for us to see at times.

Day 12 – Something you never get compliments on

I think the one thing most people don’t really notice about me is how much energy I have. Master has recently noticed a little more. I’m really an energizer bunny. I can go and go and go all day and STILL have enough umph for sex before bed. Plus it just helps me sleep better if I have some num-num first. I suppose you have to live with me to really see it. Or spend the day with me, usually on a weekend. It’s sort of something I’m proud of, I guess, that hardly anyone ever really even notices, let alone compliments me on.

When Divorce Equals Freedom

So the turmoil of the quad in our new house continues…. Kitty and I had a knockdown drag out fight that resulted in me saying some horrible things and calling her names that I never thought would cross my lips. She said things that cut me to the core. I knew that that wasn’t me and I had to end this before we destroyed eachother. We didn’t really speak for two days other than to talk about kids.

On the third day I texted her to ask if this cordial relationship was working for her. She said it was the best she could muster. She eventually said we should end the bullshit and just be with the people that make us happy. I asked if that meant paperwork (divorce). She said yes.

It took a few days for Kitty to convince Red that if he wanted her he would have to grant Baby Doll a divorce. All he kept saying was that Baby Doll was going to take the kids! When in fact Red is the only one of the four of us who told Baby Doll that if she left him, she left the family and HE would take the kids.

None of that can happen! The cruel reality is that if we can’t all keep our shit together and even just one if us actually goes to court we could all lose our kids. The courts dont understand poly… It could be VERY bad!

So… We are now two couples that have swapped, forever, and will shortly do divorce paperwork and shortly thereafter marriage paperwork!

Baby Doll and I are already planning our wedding! We are going to get tattoos for wedding bands! I’ve always thought that was a beautiful thing!

I’m hoping that we can all be friends…only time will tell. I’ve told Kitty that I want to be in her life. That I would be her best man or give her away when her and Red marry. That when her and Red have kids that I want to be at the hospital, if she wants me there.

There is still even a chance, albeit very slim, but a chance that we could all live in the same house and raise our kids together. Just in swapped monogamous relationships. Ok… Well Baby Doll and I will probably open up our marriage to play…no more poly! Baby Doll and I have already established that if we play it will only ever be together!

You may ask: how do we all feel?

Well… GODDAMN FUCKING FREE!!! Holy fucking shit do I feel good! Look, the paperwork isn’t done, and we have a shit fucking ton of life and complications to work through. BUT, I am now FREE TO LOVE BABY DOLL!!! I don’t have to look over my shoulder or questions if I’m being equal. I don’t have to worry about obligations to Kitty… There are none! I think Kitty is more or less in the same place. Baby Doll feels the same… I will let her comment more on how she feels as she chooses.

Then there is Red…. Well, Red doesn’t want a divorce. He wants to continue keeping Baby Doll as his servant. He is having a hard time admitting defeat. He can’t recognize his part in any of this. He still maintains that he treats and loves them equal, when everyone, including Kitty see that he doesn’t.  He can’t admit that their marriage is toxic… Until… He pulled Baby Doll aside and said that he was crushed, but that he had to accept it. So still the perpetual victim… But seemingly starting to let go.  Both Red and Kitty had been clinging to us for dear life through text or bad behavior or words, but ZERO action. As soon the paperwork was decided on they both dropped us like hot potatoes! Sad you might ask… Maybe just a little since they cling so hard. But really… Relief… And maybe a little sad at just how relieved we are. Because it shows us just how unhappy we had been for so long!

FUCKING FREEDOM! I love you Baby Doll! For the first time in ages I’m actually lookin forward to the rest of my life!

Having Some Fun – PT. 1

Ok friends, followers, and fellow bloggers… Baby Doll and I have realized that this has all gotten very serious very quickly! Well…sometimes that’s just life. But let’s not forget the title of the blog, or the fun that we all enjoy in this life… So sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Baby Doll and I are taking a little staycation tonight. Because of all our sicknesses it’s been a whole since we had a real session. So… Here’s the plan… 

We will have drinks at this dark gothy upscale bar with wicked cocktails. A casual Japanese dinner and then head back to the hotel for the evening.

“Baby Doll, I’m going to the bar for a drink, see you in a bit.” Silence. I open the closet door to see my Baby doll kneeling with her hands strung up a over her head, eyes blindfolded, mouth gagged. “Nod if you understand.” She does. Without another word I close the door and go down to the bar. “Makers Mark rocks.””Thanks.” I have played this game before but meet to this extent. I try to relax and people watch, but my soul keeps reaching up to our room searching for her presence. Sensory deprivation and waiting is a powerful combination that can bring Baby Doll to near the breaking point with any beating. She becomes putty in my hands when I free her and bring her out of subspace.  She begs for my touch, my care, the pleasure that my cock and my tongue bring her, knowing that once she has been satisfied with pleasure, like the Phoenix, she will be broken and resurrected with pain. 

I check my phone…it’s been 30 minutes. I finish my drink, pay the bar man and head back up to the room, anxious and excited to discover in what state I will find my Baby Doll. 

I slide the key card in and out of the door lock, the light flickers green and I enter. My senses are searching the silent air for any indication of how my Baby Doll has weathered her ordeal. Nothing… Gently I open the closet door… Like the obedient subbie she is she sits perfectly erect awaiting her Master. She’s done well… I slide my cock from my pants and carress her cheek with it…the first touch she receives. She shudders and nuzzles into me, need in more touch. I free we mouth of the ball gag…she searches like a newborn for my cock to devour it, to have any form of human contact. I allow her to devour me. “Now now Baby Doll, that’s enough. Let’s save the rest for later.” He is not immediately compliant. I slide my hand into the hair at the back of her head and close my fist and yank her off my cock… She moans and searches for it again. 

I free her of her bonds and help her to her feet. She can barley walk. I get her to the bed as she curls up in the fetal position nuzzling into my chest as I wrap her in my arms and smother her with my body… She loves to wear her Master as a blanket. She sobs as I stroke her hair and whisper the words that always bring her back to me. “Master is here. Master will take care of you. Come back to me.” …