Hello world!

We moved into our big poly house a month ago. So much has happened in a month. Red (my husband) and Kitty (Master’s wife) share their room together. Master and I share our room. Basically we have switched primaries, as much as I hate to use the term primary. It’s been a whirlwind of emotional insanity. But somehow we are pushing through it day to day. I don’t think any one of us would survive if it weren’t for our partners.

Master and I are functioning as well in our D/s relationship as we can, under the circumstances. When in company of our Others, we keep it quieter though I still find my little ways of serving him. Once we are alone in our room, it’s no holds barred. I have my assignments and protocols to follow. Some have changed since they were more for when we were in our separate houses. It was a slow start to our sessions since Master was hesitate of repercussions from Red & Kitty but so far, nothing. We try to keep somewhat quiet but it’s nearly impossible with the instruments we use. And Baby Doll isn’t too quiet either *blush*. Our sessions seem to grow only more intense and we try to make sure we have at least 1 if not 2 a week or we both go a little crazy.

Red & Kitty went to CA for the night this past weekend and Master & I were beyond naughty. It was refreshing to be able to kneel before him with his cocktail and have the freedom to mess around when/where we wanted once the kids were all in bed. We ended up having sex on the kitchen counter. Our naughty little secret! J And for the first time, Master strung me up in the closet with hands above my head, blindfolded and gagged. He turned out the light and closed the door. Total sensory deprivation. I was ok at first. But as minutes ticked by, imagination tends to take over. Any little rustling noises started to feel like there was something in there with me. Even though my rational mind knew better and it was the straps rubbing against the clothes, it still started to creep in my mind. Sitting in seiza becomes quite uncomfortable after a while and once my body started to ache combined with my imagination beginning to run away a little, rationality ran away with it. When Master finally came and got me, I was so thankful to have his arms around me. He took me to bed and held me for a bit before we began our session.

We have quite the road ahead of us, learning how to co-exist and function as family but I feel like so far, it’s working for the most part. There are a lot of emotions to muddle thru and figure out how this will work long-term but I’m keeping positive knowing that I can do anything with Master by my side.


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