What an interesting word… “Working”. So Baby Doll posted in Hello that everything is working. So I guess that’s up to interpretation! Clearly from her Day 1 post, things are not all happy in Camelot. We have all known from the beginning that Kitty and Red were better together and me and ababy Doll are better together. But now it’s all comng to a head! 

We met in August, so in 6 months we met, fell in love, said it to the SOs, told the spouses that all the SOs are in love, went to 4-3 (more days with SOs), moved in together, the SOs now share rooms NOT the spouses, we’ve gone to 5-2, and Kitty and I have reconciled that we will just be friends! What the fuck has happened???? Are you fucking kidding me?!?! 

So, working? Ummm… Not sure about that?! The spouses have been fighting on spouse nights for months! And giving the best of themselves to the SOs! We set out to be Poly and now we are forgoing our marriages for our SOs! The scariest is that Red thinks he still loves Baby Doll, when all of his actions say otherwise! Baby Doll and Red have so much to work out, and I’m afraid of how much time it is going to take! I don’t think that I can share Baby Doll…we have become too intense! Kitty and I have agreed that we are better off with Baby Doll and Red than each other… But what if he can’t let go? What if Baby Doll can’t let go? 

This isn’t what this was supposed to be! Yet here we are… So “working”… Umm I don’t know. My hope is that the SOs can actually be together full time. That we can salvage friendships with the spouses. That we can all raise the kids together, in one house or in two houses as neighbors. All I know is that I must be with Baby Doll and have my kids. 

Working… Yes we are working very hard to make something good of this!


2 thoughts on ““Working”

    1. We are glad to be back! The journey is really just beginning… Good, bad, and otherwise, we look forward to sharing this adventure with you!

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