Sick Subbie Sex

I never thought it would be difficult for Baby Doll to let me take care of her. But she is such a natural subbie that she has difficulty letting me do for her. You all know how sexual Baby Doll is! I think we may have shared that in the 6 months we have been in this poly relationship we have only missed 1 night of sex (I drank too much and fell asleep, Baby Doll was NOT happy with me)! The last time she was sick she still insisted in being together. This time I refused her. She had a fever and could barely breath, but is so dedicated to me and pleasing me that she kept saying “you know you can have it”. There are some things that are more important than sex, and the health of my Baby Doll is one of them! But Jesus do I feel it! Two days together without having sex is not fun for either of us! We were finally both well enough last night… And Jesus lord, for being on the quick side for us, since are are still recovering, it was amazing! She was so wet and I unleashed a load into her depths. She squirted on me! When finally I withdrew to clean up, both of us and the bed were all drenched! 

This will be the first week we’ve been together without a session. It’s going to be difficult by Tuesday! We have problems going more than 5 days, but Baby Doll has been sick and needs to regain we strength and I’m not 100% either. I’m just hoping we make it until Tuesday without killing anyone! 


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