Day 2 – Something I love about myself

From Master’s last post, obviously I was quite sick the end of last week and ended up staying home Friday.  He stayed with me through all my sickness,  took wonderful care of me. It’s true, even through my illness I still wanted to make sure Master was taken care of but he refused me. I don’t think I blame him, I know I was a yucky mess and half out of my mind from fighting with Red and having a wretched fever. Master is a wonderful and patient man. I appreciate him more and more each day.

The point to that is I’m behind on my Days and He has graciously given me till the end of the week to catch up.

I agonized over this one a little bit because it was hard for me to figure out something I LOVE about myself. There are things I LIKE about myself but LOVE? Finally I settled on love itself. Well, that and my sexuality. Because in essence,  for me, they go hand in hand. I have a great capacity to love and the more I love, the more I want that person. The only person that I love but have never had desire for is my best friend. He’s the exception to that rule for me.

Why I love my ability and the way that I show my love is simple. It’s a bonding experience. The more I love you and then “love” you, the closer we become and create bonds that are strong and last. I think seeing people in their most animalistic sexual nature opens the doors to their soul. You see deep down into them, and in that instant, it’s like 2 souls joined together. Bodies are gone and mean nothing but your spirits kiss and caress. It’s an amazing experience but I know not everyone has the capacity or desire to open up like that. But if you do… look into their eyes as they’re cumming and hold them close. Take all of them into you…

That’s what I love about myself.  To be able to give and take that experience with me. As much as I can. I’ll never regret it.


One thought on “Day 2 – Something I love about myself

  1. I would like to add my point of view. Baby Doll, your ability to serve, commit to submission, is a great gift that you have been given. There are not many people in this world that can not only put another before themselves, but actually derive pleasure and satisfaction from it. Whether you love that about yourself or not, you should be proud of it…I know I am.

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