Master, Baby Doll, and The Knife

This a repost (with minor edits) from our previous blog… enjoy, I know we did! 

 I had been bickering with Kitty over nonsense, and was in a bit of a mood as I headed home after a late class.  Not sure if my Baby Doll was going to be home because she got a late start leaving the North house, I was uneasy.  I pull into the complex, press the garage door opener and there is black Kia…she was home! Relief, excitement, all the other shit melts away. Within a minute of the garage door opening, Baby Doll comes bursting through the door eyes wide, her whole being electric with excitement to see me. Granted, I knew she had just downed a Monster in anticipation of the night ahead of us…it had been 3 days since we’d seen each other… but the caffeine doesn’t explain the sheer joy emanating from her face and eyes.  This woman loves me to the core of her being.

I walk in the house, she takes my bags, kisses me, presses start on the microwave to heat my dinner, and I look down and see a cocktail already poured in my glass. God, this woman knows exactly how to take care of me, she does everything she can to make me happy, without me asking.

“Master, you will be proud of me…go look at the couch.” As requested she had already laid out all our toys that I might want to use for the night. I had told her earlier in the day that I would drain her by the end of the night. I had given her the choice of sweet or aggressive, knowing her as you all do, I’m sure you can guess the answer. Her only request were some cuddles and caring first.

She sat me down at the table, served me dinner, and my drink… we sat and chatted… for TWO hours!! Neither of us moving from the table, with the exception of Baby Doll getting me another drink.  We are all moving into a house together, and we have all come to the realization that the SOs are more compatible than the spouses, and so I will now be sharing a room with Baby Doll!! A dream come true…but with so many details to work out.

“Have you had enough sweet time Baby Doll?”

“Yes Master.”

I entwine my hand in the hair at the back of her head and pull hard, kissing her with everything I have.

Whispering in her ear: “Go in the bedroom, take off your clothes, except your panties, sit in seiza at the foot of the couch, close your eyes and wait for me.”

I finish my drink and get another, have a little dessert. She’s ready for me.

I open the silverware drawer and select a steak knife. Into the bedroom, ahh she’s kept here eyes closed like the good subbie she is.  I walk up to her and without saying a word I press the knife hard into the side of her neck right on her jugular… oh the ecstasy on her face, the recognition of what was to come.

“Undress me.”

She does, and pulls my cock deep in her mouth, making herself gag.

“Give me the belt.”

Always compliant, but especially so with the knife, yet there is no fear in her face, just…acceptance, euphoria… I fold the belt in half and bring it down on her back as I hold the knife against her throat, and she bobs on my cock. Again, and again I reign down punishment, admonishing my Baby Doll not to stop.

“Get up onto the bed.”

I gag her and throw her on the bed. I cut her panties from her body, and thrust my cock deep inside her. I fuck her hard alternating between pressing the knife across her windpipe or forcing it on her jugular. Until the need to kiss her overwhelms me, so the gag comes off.  We kiss, still with the knife, and continue to thrust and writhe. She starts to struggle and fight against me… I try to be careful not to actually cut her while I force her compliance. I cut her…but just barely.

We are both so far gone now, writhing in the ecstasy of power, control, submission, physical pleasure, emotional connection… Finally we both cum with the power of the gods…it is unlike anything either of us have ever experienced before. She continues to orgasm for what seems like an eternity, I wonder if she will ever stop… I am awed… I had been planning more, a session, more… impossible… we are completely spent and drained.  Both knowing that this, this is what we want, what we deserve, what life is all about!

Master and Baby Doll, lock and key, soul mates.


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