Master says I’m not the same person when my libido is suffering. My personality is different, my face is different. It’s stunning to me how much my libido and sex affects my daily outlook on life. I’m a much happier and easier person when I’m getting laid every night, or close to anyway. Anything to do with sex….talking about it, enjoying it, thinking about it, brightens me up instantly.

Because of my illness and neither of us getting quite enough sleep, we haven’t been connecting like we normally do and it started to weigh down on both of us. Even though Master and I now live together and we commute to work nearly every day, we missed each other. We missed the physicality of our relationship, we missed our kisses and oh god do I miss our sessions!  It’s been way over a week, probably nearing two weeks since a really good session and we are both feeling it.

I gave him a nice slow foot rub. Master loves his foot rubs and I am more than happy to give him what he wants. I crawled up in bed with him afterwards and we started kissing and touching. We fantasized a little about another couple…Yes, we are naughty and know that group play is NEVER going to happen again within our quad. Our spouses just aren’t interested or sexual enough. Master and I, on the other hand…two sexually adventurous monsters. Yes, that could happen if we get permission. My clothes came off and He wanted me to lay across His lap for a spanking and somehow I ended up sitting in his lap with his cock gliding inside me and my nipples in his mouth. I couldn’t stop myself, even when He asked me over and over to lay on his lap. He felt too good, I couldn’t pull myself away from him. Until I started coughing. I’m so thankful to have such a patient and understanding Master. He never gets upset with me but instead let me lay back with a pillow under my ass.

I was drenched and aching to have him fill me up, which he gladly obliged. Short and sweet…I was begging Him to let me cum within a few minutes. After cleaning up a little, we laid back satisfied and relieved. Master & Baby Doll are on our way back to our proclivities..


13 thoughts on “Reconnection

  1. It’s amazing how physical we are and even these few days of sickness separation are so difficult. I still ache for you! …and I’ve already told you… The Monster is clawing to get out, you better be ready when the time cums! 😈😈😈😈😈

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