Day 8 – Someone who has made life hell or treated you badly

I haven’t had too many lasting people in my life who have made my life a hell. And I hate to sound like I hate Red, because I really don’t. After all, there was a reason I fell in love with him in the first place. But he’s changed so much. Our relationship has changed. In the last couple of years I would say that he has definitely made life difficult. He pushed me far down into myself, made me think everything is my fault and that I have many things to pay atonement for. If that’s hell, then perhaps it is Red.
But I could also say that while dating and being involved with Kinky Swinger, he made life a sort of hell for me too. He tried to pull me away from Red so hard that it hurt me. He made every argument of why Red wasn’t good for me but in the long run, Kinky Swinger wasn’t good for me either. He presented himself in false pretenses so that when I finally saw the real him, I was a little shocked. I was stupid enough to have fallen for that.  He said all the right things. And when confronted with what I discovered,  he got angry and blamed me and told me how I was hurting him by throwing him away. Hmm, sounds just like Red. Why would I trade one in for another?


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