Having Some Fun – PT. 1

Ok friends, followers, and fellow bloggers… Baby Doll and I have realized that this has all gotten very serious very quickly! Well…sometimes that’s just life. But let’s not forget the title of the blog, or the fun that we all enjoy in this life… So sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Baby Doll and I are taking a little staycation tonight. Because of all our sicknesses it’s been a whole since we had a real session. So… Here’s the plan… 

We will have drinks at this dark gothy upscale bar with wicked cocktails. A casual Japanese dinner and then head back to the hotel for the evening.

“Baby Doll, I’m going to the bar for a drink, see you in a bit.” Silence. I open the closet door to see my Baby doll kneeling with her hands strung up a over her head, eyes blindfolded, mouth gagged. “Nod if you understand.” She does. Without another word I close the door and go down to the bar. “Makers Mark rocks.””Thanks.” I have played this game before but meet to this extent. I try to relax and people watch, but my soul keeps reaching up to our room searching for her presence. Sensory deprivation and waiting is a powerful combination that can bring Baby Doll to near the breaking point with any beating. She becomes putty in my hands when I free her and bring her out of subspace.  She begs for my touch, my care, the pleasure that my cock and my tongue bring her, knowing that once she has been satisfied with pleasure, like the Phoenix, she will be broken and resurrected with pain. 

I check my phone…it’s been 30 minutes. I finish my drink, pay the bar man and head back up to the room, anxious and excited to discover in what state I will find my Baby Doll. 

I slide the key card in and out of the door lock, the light flickers green and I enter. My senses are searching the silent air for any indication of how my Baby Doll has weathered her ordeal. Nothing… Gently I open the closet door… Like the obedient subbie she is she sits perfectly erect awaiting her Master. She’s done well… I slide my cock from my pants and carress her cheek with it…the first touch she receives. She shudders and nuzzles into me, need in more touch. I free we mouth of the ball gag…she searches like a newborn for my cock to devour it, to have any form of human contact. I allow her to devour me. “Now now Baby Doll, that’s enough. Let’s save the rest for later.” He is not immediately compliant. I slide my hand into the hair at the back of her head and close my fist and yank her off my cock… She moans and searches for it again. 

I free her of her bonds and help her to her feet. She can barley walk. I get her to the bed as she curls up in the fetal position nuzzling into my chest as I wrap her in my arms and smother her with my body… She loves to wear her Master as a blanket. She sobs as I stroke her hair and whisper the words that always bring her back to me. “Master is here. Master will take care of you. Come back to me.” …


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