Our Weekend Away

Master and I got a weekend away. We did some of our normal errands on Saturday, the family stuff, and then we were free to go. Red & Kitty had all the kids, they went to dance class and lunch, which is part of our normal Saturday. Once the shopping was done and put away, we headed out. I was able to get a room at an awesome local resort hotel….let me say, the room was awesome!! Even the hallways were pretty cool. Modern deco, kind of dark. The room was small but hey, it was a fabulous bed and even better shower. LOVED the shower. It has a main showerhead and then a rain head above that felt incredible. I could have spent half the time in there and been perfectly happy. We certainly didn’t skimp on shower time, though (including golden showers). We got dressed, Master helped me choose the outfit he liked best and we headed out to downtown bars.

The first bar we ended up at because the other we discovered last time wasn’t open yet. It’s a bar that Master and Kitty used to go to. Pretty cool place, and yes, Master….the bartender is quite attractive! Not exactly my type but I wouldn’t turn him away either. I stand by what I say….I think he’s curious as to why Master is showing up with me now and not Kitty, it’s amusing. The drinks are good. We were having a good time, some serious talk mixed in with some good laughs, yummy appetizer and of course lots of flirting. We are both the biggest flirts. Then we headed to the other bar. It’s more my type, dark atmosphere, red & black mostly. They rotate the drinks every so often so the menu was different this time. We didn’t stay too long, headed out for dinner after the cocktails were done. Two good drinks and I was certainly giggly and feeling good. We tried one Japanese restaurant but the wait was too long so we discovered another. Very good food. Wonderful dinner. Back at the hotel, we ended up passing out. Not from a lack of trying…but after a long day (we were up since 6:30 am with the kids), running around, drinks and dinner, a little bit of exhaustion set in and out we went.

Sunday morning, we certainly more than made up for the night before. Master’s oral skills….I can’t even begin to describe how out of this world amazing they are. And then of course, another wonderfully long shower afterwards. We checked out and had yet another yummy meal before heading to a local State Park. The air was just cool enough to be tolerable even with the sun being so warm already. Oh the joys of living in a desert. The red rock and sand, the blooming cacti and flowers alongside the road, all beautiful and fun to be exploring with Master. I’m not much of an outdoors girl but I will venture on occasion.

We had some good talks while in the car, about the divorces, our feelings and opinions about us having an open marriage eventually. Putting the cart before the horse, I know, but we are both talkers. We will talk about everything, over and over, to get a completely clear picture. It’s our thing, our personality. Most people find it annoying I think, but we get it and each other. It hasn’t been set officially amongst the four of us but it looks like our big “quad” talk will happen on April 12th. Shortly thereafter, we need to get paperwork rolling. In our state, uncontested divorces take up to three weeks to get granted. As long as no one is hesitating, it will all be done within the next couple of months. Master and I are already thinking about a date to set for us to get married, thinking about where we are going to do it, looking at dresses. I never really cared about marrying Red, it wasn’t until I was pregnant with our first that my mother insisted we get married and I relented finally when I was 6 months along. Now all I can think about is finding a dress I love and promising my forever to Him with our families and kids there. It’s been decided no more poly for us. It’s not a forever decision but most likely won’t happen. Opening our marriage eventually would mean just casual fun, swinging really. Because both of us are adventurous and like to have fun. Master has fantasies that I would love to fulfill for him. I don’t think any of that will happen any time soon. We both like to joke and talk about it, but when push comes to shove, we are still really too new and too raw to be throwing in all the complications that comes with non-monogamy.

Another week is passing and with each day that things remain somewhat calm at home, a little more of my optimism returns for hopes of an easier transition and start to all our new lives.


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