Having Some Fun – PT. 2

“You ready Baby Doll?” No words, just the longing look and and a nod of ascent. “Get up, get Learherman (our belt), kneel in seiza with Leatherman in your mouth.” She shudders as she knows exactly what’s coming next. She sits, obediently, as I go to the bathroom, then return and watch a few minutes of tv. I stroke my cock in expectation of the rest of the night. I stand in front of her and relieve her of Learherman. She grabs my ass and takes the full length of my shaft in her mouth and down her throat. She gags, backs off and then starts sucking my cock. I wrap Leatherman around my hand leaving a nice 18 inch length for striking, I raise it above my head and bring it down hard on her back. She jumps. But doesn’t stop sucking. She knows she’s not allowed, she must suck through the pain. I bring the belt down again and again. She whimpers on my cock and squirms under the lash. Baby Doll hesitates for a second which incurs a flurry of lashes a cross her back.

“Get up Baby Doll.” Again, she stands hands clasped in from of her. I reign down lashes across her trembling legs and ample breasts. The welts raise instantly, which flares the Monster in my belly, so I bring the belt down faster and harder. Covered in welts, and only moments away from breaking, Baby Doll knows this is just the appetizer, the pain warm up. But before the next round of pain, comes the pleasure…

“Lay on your back on the bed.” She slides a pillow under her ass and I enter her slowly, continuing to push until the entire length of my shaft is inside her and then I lay the full weight of my body on her to drive my cock even further inside her. She rakes my back with her nails so I feel the skin break and grabs my ass to hold me inside her. The bed and pillow are already drenched with Baby Doll’s pleasure. I thrust and stroke her as she moans and gasps. We kiss passionate deep kisses devouring each other’s soul. As she rides the waves of pleasure higher and higher, I thrust back and withdraw in one fast and sudden movement. She whimpers and begs for me to keep fucking her… But I need my face in her beautiful pussy. I want my face covered in her love.

Baby Doll loves my tongue and mouth.  I love being immersed in her pussy, I am always covered in her by the time I am done. Her delicate pearl of pleasure is always my main focus, however, I take my time…it is not just about making her cum, it is about the experience, giving her the maximum amount of pleasure that I can. I lick, flick, swirl, suck, bite, nibble, devour…I am often rewarded with a gush of her sweet juice which fills my mouth and strokes my ego. All the while, my hands alternate between meandering over her breasts to her nipples to rub, pinch, and grope or wrapping around her thighs to pull my face even further into her warm wet wonderland. It’s a joke that we spend nine months trying to get out and the rest of our lives trying to get back in, but some days…it feels like I am literally trying to climb back in. I can’t explain the pleasure that I get from having my head between her legs, feeling her fingers running through my hair, pulling my head into her body, gyrating and grinding on my face. Baby Doll continues to ride the waves of pleasure.  Each crest getting higher and higher, bringing her closer to climax. There is no rushing Baby Doll, you can’t force that last crest, you can just hang on and ride the wave. But then her breathing becomes shallow and fast, interrupted by one deep breath, her whole body starts to tense: “Master may I cum?” she moans. (From early on in our relationship, I have owned her orgasms, she is only allowed to cum when I allow.) “Mmmmhhhhmmmm…” I moan through a mouth full of muff.  Then all goes silent, she holds her breath, squeezes my head with her thighs, I grab them and pull my face further into her so she can’t escape…I know she will not take another breath until I stop sucking and licking…it is the ultimate power through pleasure…ecstasy rips through her body, I continue to suck and lick her clit, not allowing her to relax. Finally I release her clit with a pop, she relaxes and breathes again, her whole body shaking and quivering as her orgasm continues to work its way through her every cell. I lay silently, stroking her body, my head still laying next to her pussy, legs still wrapped around me like a relaxed boa constrictor. I give her 30 seconds to rest before I start licking her again, gently at first… “No, no, no…” she whispers as she shakes her head. But I wasn’t done yet… I had done the work to get the first one, now I knew I could wrack her with as many as 8 more before she couldn’t take any more.  Each one only taking 1 minute as compared to the 20-30 for the first.  This was my reward!  (and hers I suppose…lol) Once I decided we had had enough, I join her at the head of the bed so we can cuddle, kiss, and enjoy the afterglow… I like to save myself for later. I give her 10 minutes to enjoy her ecstasy before we move on…

Look for PT. 3 soon!


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