Staying Above It

As you all know the married couples in the quad are divorcing and planning on marrying the SOs. Kitty and Red, but mostly Kitty are having trouble letting go.  Kitty and I had decide to wait to take off rings until after Easter. Her wedding band is one of my family heirlooms, so we agreed she would give it back and I would hold it give to our daughter when she’s old enough.

One of my family let slip that I have been asking them about dates for Baby Doll’s and my wedding. Kitty freaked the fuck out! She’s hurt that we are talking about this before the paperwork is done. I guess I don’t see why it matters. She already told me that she and Red were going to get a quick legal thing before a bigger event. 

Regardless… Kitty put her wedding band in my room. And by the end of the night had put all the jewelry I ever gave her on the landing of the second floor. Devastated, I retaliated by doing the same. I was shaking and Baby Doll had to keep me from doing something I would really regret. Later Baby Doll collected all the items and put them in a suitcase for me. 

I’m Italian and a naturally vindictive person…I’m trying really hard to rise above. I don’t think there is really anything left that would surprise me…or in turn hurt me, anger, yes, hurt no. I’m done. I want to kill her with kindness… And show her nothing she does is going to bring me down. Not a fucking easy task, but absolutely necessary! Wish me luck!  And a big fat fucking thank you to Baby Doll for escorting me through this shit!!!


3 thoughts on “Staying Above It

  1. My heart goes out to all of you. I know it’s hard. But remember that you have your happy now. Hold tight to each other and let the other help you when you need a little more strength.


    Always here for you.


    1. Thanks Angel! You are such a good support, we both really appreciate it! This is beyond difficult especially since we have to live together for the next year… Baby Doll is my world and we are holding on to each other with everything we have!
      – Master A

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