Good Morning

I woke this morning to one nipple in Master’s mouth and the other being massaged between his fingers. Evidently he asked me to turn onto my back so he could have ample access…I’m a side or stomach sleeper so I get all tucked away when I curl up. As I was coming out my sleep fog, my body was responding nicely to his touches. Squirming and moaning, I guided his hand from my breast to between my legs. He fingered me until I couldn’t take it anymore. Sucking on my nipples or even playing with them is one of my big buttons. I love it. Do it long enough or just right and I’ll melt and do anything for you. I wanted Master so bad…I asked him to fuck me. He certainly didn’t need to be asked again. He got on top slowly and I clung onto him. I told Master I wanted him to use me to cum. I love when he uses me for his pleasure in the mornings, leaving me hungry for him all day. Thinking about being with Master that night…He put me in the side position we’ve been using a lot lately (which is amazing!) and fucked my pussy until he exploded. I loved knowing I made him feel good, that we started off the day in such a yummy way.


6 thoughts on “Good Morning

      1. No need to apologize Angel! I just meant I’m a lucky Master to have a subbie like my Baby Doll! She gives and gives and gives! 😜
        – Master A

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