Missing You

I’m missing my Master tonight…
We didn’t get to talk to much  today because he had a presentation due and it’s Wednesday. Wednesdays are his late nights, he doesn’t get home until 9 or so because it’s a late class. And on top of all that, he came home not feeling well and crawled into bed. He’s laying on me right now, asleep and I’m loving  feeling his arm around my leg and curled up against me. But I do miss interacting with him very much!
I hope you feel better Master!!
I love you! ❤❤❤


2 thoughts on “Missing You

  1. I have a question for you. He is there, all that he is able to be yet you want more. Is that what you want to be for him? Always needing more? No, I have no idea of your relationship with him but in this post I hear you saying that he is working his ass off and doing the right things yet it is not enough. When does your need turn into your desire to please? When do you do for your master instead of thinking of what you want? When does doing for him please you more than the desire you feel to have him do for you?

    I’m not questioning your submission, only your attitude and I completely understand the all too human need to have. It is the act of sacrifice that defines love. Revel in his efforts, that he is there with you. When you sit and ache and talk of wanting more, what is it that you are saying of his efforts for you? What human could do more for you?

    My apologies for asserting such comments but your post made me wonder where you mind is… I do not know the situation and cannot judge. This is simply what thought came to mind.


    1. I did not mean at all that he wasn’t doing enough or I’m needing more….simply put I miss our interactions and conversations, most of which revolve around serving him and being there for him. It’s a give and take. I serve him, get him drinks, dinner, give him foot rubs and in turn, he lavishes attention on me. I miss the attention but there is no greediness behind it. I was perfectly fine snuggling up with him. The interactions I was missing were our D/s routines at night.

      I appreciate your reading & commenting!
      Baby Doll


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