Where to Begin?

It’s been just about a month since we started our little break. I’m having a hard time figuring out where to start with what has happened…

The divorce paperwork is almost done for Kitty and me. Red and Baby Doll haven’t even been able to sit down and talk. Partly because Red’s typical angry outbursts and inability to tell the truth have made it necessary for them to record their conversations and have them in public.  After his last outburst, in which he threatened to “lay me out”, I insisted on this policy for Baby Doll.  He had asked her for a private meeting and she told him, only with her Mom present…he was not happy. Red thinks he understands and lives honorably and respectfully, however in reality, he wants to be treated with honor and respect yet treat everyone else according to his mood.  I am hoping that they can get the paperwork together in short order.

Baby Doll and I are moving out!  We just got the approval from the landlord today to sign the lease over to Kitty and Red.  It will be a difficult transition for the kids, but it is for the best.  And…I can’t begin to describe how happy I am to be starting my life with Baby Doll.

I have spent the last few days opening a bank account with Baby Doll, and closing my account with Kitty.  I have also taken Kitty off of all my credit cards. It’s fucking crazy!!! I have posted one of my cars to sell…

I don’t have words to describe how much I appreciate my Baby Doll!!! There are nights that I have just had enough…enough of everything… and I know she is tired and frustrated as well… but she manages to put her emotions aside and pull me out of my funk!  I don’t know how she does it…but it is amazing.

On the fun side… our sessions have taken a back seat and are a very rare occasion. Another reason why we both can’t wait to have our own place!

BUT…the sex!!! Oh my fucking god!!! It is AMAZING!!!  We are like teenagers, we can’t keep our hands off each other.  For as much as we both like kink, our sex is vanilla…but soooo amazing!!! I never knew it could be like this.  The passion, the intensity, the frequency (7-10x per week!). We tried to take last night off (even though we had sex in the morning), but we sat their watching a movie and just couldn’t keep our hands off each other.

For as much as we have let our sessions go, I think our D/s relationship has flourished!  We start almost everyday with a GS in the shower.  She kneels in front of me, receives her GS, sucks my cock clean, and then we reaffirm our D/s commitment to each other. Some days I approve her outfits. I pick Baby Doll’s lunch for her everyday.  Those are just a few of the new aspects we have incorporated. It has become an integral part of both of our lives!

Even more than those things, is Baby Doll’s ability to take correction.  In the past few weeks I have had to pull out our D/s relationship to help her see the damage that Red has done and to get her to stop being the victim by defending his behaviors. Red is also a very secretive person and Baby Doll has learned some of that behavior. I have had to correct her so that she knows she is not only allowed to, but expected to share what she knows as well as her feelings with me.  Open and honest communication is the cornerstone of our relationship. She has incurred some tongue lashings as well as domestic discipline. But I am so proud of how she immediately learns from these instances and changes her behavior. She is trying so hard to become the best subbie she can. I am working as hard as I can to help her by leading her through this time of self-discovery and reconstruction.


5 thoughts on “Where to Begin?

  1. Oh I’m so happy to hear you two are starting your life!!! I am sorry to hear Red is being a child. You all deserve to be happy and I’m happy to see you all working to have that despite the situation.
    A place of your own will make sessions easier and I feel sorry for the neighbors. Lol.
    ️️Hugs to you both

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    1. Thanks Angel! Baby Doll has already said she’s scared of the nights we won’t have the kids! 😈 it will bring a whole new meaning to “living it 24/7”!

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    2. I’ve been told some of the expectations that Master will have for me, as well as assignments, he’s right. I’m a little scared. But excited too!! Just Him and me…
      My Papa Dom.. 💖💖💖
      (I hope we don’t get complaints from the neighbors)

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