Oh The Possibilities…

As we make progress towards moving out of the poly house and into our own place I find my mind wandering to what life will be like…especially on nights we don’t have the kids. Don’t get me wrong, I will miss all the kiddos on nights we don’t have them, but there is a piece of me that is utterly thrilled at the possibilities.

For starters… SESSIONS! When we first started this journey and we had two houses, Baby Doll and I had sessions at least twice a week!  It has now been three weeks since we’ve had a session!  Between feeling like I am on audio display in that we can be heard by the others in the house and not having a lock on the door so any of the little monkeys could walk in, its been distracting and uncomfortable.

To have the freedom to explore all our fantasies, to live this life 24/7, in a safe environment, free from worries about who else is in the house!! The mental freedom…I can’t wait. Baby Doll is a willing and eager subbie…I will be taking full advantage of that. There will be plenty of nights where she will be a naked, begging slave, serving her Master to get the attention she craves. She will never know when, where or how I will enter her. Or what demand I will make of her. To nights of bonded torture… tied to the ceiling – hands above her head, blindfolded, paddled, flogged, whipped, caned, electrified…and forced to cum until it turns from pleasure to pain and she begs me to stop.

We have become enamored with GS. But it is difficult to get in the shower together other than first thing in the morning… it will be exciting to have that opportunity at other times during the day and night.

We both entertain knife play and rape fantasies…I whispered in Baby Doll’s ear the other day, that if we continue with that play then she will end up getting cut for real sooner or later…she said she knew… I’m pretty sure she would invite a little of that too…

…and then there is the possibility of the Unicorn!

You’d think that maybe we would have learned not to play with fire, considering how we met… alas, no.  Baby Doll has a “friend” from her past that she has been casually sleeping with for 4 years. She cut it off because we had a closed quad. But now that the quad has disintegrated we are slowly pursuing some play time with her.  What we have learned from the past is no polyamory! Baby Doll and I can’t handle sharing emotionally, but we think keeping it to just play should be ok…and a lot of fun. Besides, life is too short to play it safe!

I have met my match in Baby Doll! I used to think there was something wrong with me in just how often I thought about sex and wanted to have sex!  I think the average couple probably asks when the last time they HAD sex, we have to ask when the last time we DIDN’T have sex. It’s crazy!  It’s awesome! It’s powerful! It’s invigorating! It’s the fountain of youth! For the first time in a long time I am excited about my future. I can’t wait to explore every inch of life, love, sex, and kink with my Baby Doll!

I hope you all are ready to read about it! 😉


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