I’m too sexy for my shirt…

People can see when you are happy! You exude confidence and radiate love. I have a feeling there is some biochemistry at play too with some pheromones or something.

Since Baby Doll and I have been together we have heard from numerous people that they have never seen her so happy. That they have never seen her smile so much. That she is finally human again!  These are some pretty heady statements! It maybe a little sad that Baby Doll was so down for so long, that people are so in awe of her transformation. But also such gratitude and pride in that we are making such drastic and positive changes in each others’ lives.

I have always thought of myself as a fairly positive person. However, I have never thought of myself as good looking. I have very rarely recognized that I am being hit on… I don’t know how much of that is that I have not been hit on very much or that I just don’t recognize it. Baby Doll always tells me how good looking and handsome I am, and gets frustrated with me when I don’t agree (I’m working on it!). But, mirroring what people have been saying about her, I have had some interesting experiences lately. I caught this girl walking by me, much younger, look me up and down and then give me a huge smile. A fellow student asked me to go to coffee and chat…not sure what she is hoping for… she knows about Baby Doll!  Finally, a young guy walked up to me and asked if I got hit on all the time because I was so hot! Ummm… no, well you just did! Wow! ok!  He then asked, a little sheepishly, if I was gay or straight…straight (well sort of, definitely taken)… Why are all the good ones either straight or taken?  I thanked him and told him I was very flattered.

I honestly don’t know what these people see… I’m fat and nerdy… Not much to look at in my book… I’ve always hung my hat on my personality. All I can think is that Baby Doll is bringing something out in me that has lain dormant for many years (or all my years!).  I had lost a lot of weight at one point a few years ago and felt much better about myself, I thought I looked much better, I thought I had self confidence and swagger…but I still never got hit on… Now, having put a bunch of it back on, feeling fat and unattractive…but completely satisfied with my love life and excited about my future, I have become attractive to both sexes. I hope I am able to see myself the way these people see me!


3 thoughts on “I’m too sexy for my shirt…

  1. Master…I keep telling you how gorgeous you are! That smile and those sweet warm eyes…I’m glad I’m not the only one who is finally showing you that you are desirable and sexy and beautiful.

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