The Rosie Bottom

Since moving in to the poly house Baby Doll and I have not been able to keep up with our former “activities”.  Mostly because of me…I just end up feeling like I am on stage or being judged because I know the adults in the house can hear what we are doing.  It is weird, but for me, knowing that they hear us have sex doesn’t bother me much at all, but knowing that they might be hearing me give Baby Doll a session makes me hold back. We have managed a couple here and there, but none of them really up to what we used to do.  One of the side effects…Baby Doll has no tolerance any more. She used to be able to take a sound beating with barely a flinch. Now… well…

The other night The Monster forced his way out to play, regardless of who heard and who was home.  I imagine it was a little easier knowing Red wasn’t home…  One of my favorite ways to have a session is to have Baby Doll over my knee in bed. I love the intimacy of it. We have plenty of toys and implements, but for me there is nothing better than my bare hand against her round supple ass!

I read a post by a blogger who was also a percussionist and a dom…he wrote about how he liked to beat out a rhythm on his subbie’s ass, adjust tempo and impact to change the effect. I found this to be a novel idea as I used to just wail as hard as I could…I never thought about spankings in the same light as having sex.  Vary the rhythm, the tempo, the level of impact, etc. It provides different feelings, and has the added bonus of prolonging the experience.

I had Baby Doll lock the door and come lay across my knee, sucking my cock on the way. I started softly and rhythmically tapping her ass, getting harder and faster, but saving the dramatic full blow for later. I focused on one cheek at a time, flushing it from creamy white, to pink and finally to bright red. As I continued, I started to lay down blows as hard as I could muster from that position…it may be my favorite but it doesn’t afford much leverage. Whack, whack, whack, over and over again I brought my hand down on Baby Doll’s ever reddening plump bottom! As she started to squirm and wiggle away my blows land with more ferocity and frequency… I know the most potent blows are those that land across her crack, catching both cheeks at the same time, so I deliver a barrage as my cock gets increasingly hard!  My hand begins to sting, so that my body tries to hold back from unleashing my full strength…but I push through, enjoying the pain that I am causing Baby Doll as well as myself…knowing full well that if my hand hurts, her ass must be on fire!

When we first started all this months ago, Baby Doll didn’t think I could ever break her, much less with my bare hands.  The first time she melted into a crying puddle into sub space was with my hands only.  Since then, we have always used something to push her over. However, with her lack of tolerance, I was once again able to push her over the edge with just my hands.

Just as I thought my hands must hurt as much as her ass, she broke… the sobs gently wracking her body… this was not a huge break like we have with a paddle, but a “gentle” return to spanking after our unfortunate hiatus. I need to start getting Baby Doll back into the swing of things… she has ordered me a gift… a cane!! She is terrified and thrilled at the same time! So am I!


4 thoughts on “The Rosie Bottom

    1. Hi Angel! I’m scared about the cane coming….and I don’t think Master will be able to put off a good session once it’s in his hands. Should be here any day now. He’s been wanting one for a long time.

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  1. True…the paddles are pretty wicked but something about the cane thrills and scares me all at once. I am looking forward to it regardless.


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