Truth…capital “T”…an existential question

Mark Twain - Truth

Truth with a capital “T”. In the universal, no questioning, this is reality sense of the word..does it exist? OR is everything a shade of grey, seen through a lens, a filter, one human’s perception? Is one person’s truth another person’s lie?

If this is the case and nothing is absolute then how do we function?

How do we trust?

Who do we trust?

Can we trust ourselves?

Can we lie to ourselves?

Is our own person the easiest person to lie to?

I have been struggling with these questions as of late.  Naively, I would love for their to be Truth, black and white, a statement with no question.  But I don’t believe that is reality!  I have a penchant for theories of quantum mechanics, and one of them goes something like this… There are infinite possibilities co-existing at all times all around us in every moment. They are ALL real, no one less real than the next.  Reality (Truth) doesn’t exist until a human focuses on that moment, perceives it, then it coalesces into reality.  The key to this line of thought, is that a human must perceive it… therefore EVERYTHING is viewed through a human’s lens, their particular perception of reality.

Is the closest approximation we have to Truth…being as open, honest, and forthright as possible?  While holding that you may be wrong, and omitted something that the other party feels was important.  Is that a lie of omission, or a simple oversight?  Is there any way to know or judge without seeing what was in the person’s heart, mind, and soul at the time of the telling?

Is the difference between a lie of omission and an innocent omission, simply intent? The law certainly uses intent as mitigating or extenuating circumstance depending on its presence or absence.

When honesty is one of your core values, how does one cope with dishonesty?

How does one judge if someone is being honest when we are swimming in this sea of grey??

We either are by nature or have become through social evolution, at least a society, if not a species of “spin”.  The most gifted at the art of “spin” can have you believe something that is the complete opposite of anything resembling the truth without every uttering a lie.  We seem to rest on this notion of pointing out only what is most beneficial to us and allowing the other person to draw erroneous conclusions.

I raise a glass to the hope that more people see the benefits of open and honest communication and the related damage of spin.

Stepping down from my philosophical soapbox… and going to get a drink.


2 thoughts on “Truth…capital “T”…an existential question

  1. I am like you, sometimes truth in black and white would be nice. It’s either real or a made up statement. However, I believe that all of life is truth in shades of grey. How someone either thinks something is, wants it to be, or wants you to believe it to be.

    Rarely do people accept blame. They typically come up with an excuse or reason why, which in actuality is already a shade of grey.

    You pose a very interesting thought in this. We are at the mercy of human nature. The politics of our social structure.

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