Princesa de la Noche

I turned 35 this past weekend. I don’t feel 35 and I don’t think I really look 35 either. Master makes me feel more like 22 again. Except I wasn’t this happy or nearly this fulfilled at 22. He’s done amazing things for me.
I stayed home from work on Friday to be with Master and the kids. We had them from the night before. They went on a small hike and a picnic with us. It was wonderful spending time with the babes during the day and being able to go out that night. After a week of shared custody, I miss them terribly when they aren’t with us and love them more when they are. I hate to admit, though, it’s nice having grown up dinners some nights that the kids would never eat. And peaceful nights with Master. He made us all french toast for breakfast and helped the kids make me birthday cards. Master is so sweet, thoughtful and good to me.
After dropping them off at Red & Kitty’s house, we headed home to get dressed for our night out. We met up with my parents at a Japanese restaurant for dinner, one of my favorites. I love Japanese food. It was amazing! Master A even got me to try raw octopus. I like sushi rolls mostly, not sashimi so much but somehow He gets me to try new things..
Afterwards we parted ways with my parentals and headed out to the swinger club. It’s a giant converted party house basically. They ask for “donations” when going in. The original couple were Swingers and would host parties but it got bigger and bigger until the wife decided to ask for donations from their “friends”. Eventually it just became a huge party house. They’ve added on over the years. It’s over 12,000 square feet now with I can’t remember how many rooms, an indoor pool, a dance floor, a “couples only” upstairs, etc etc. You can definitely say there were all types there, of all ages but mostly 40’s plus. Observing the people mingling about it was obvious a lot of them knew each other and/or frequented the house a bit.


2 thoughts on “Princesa de la Noche

  1. What an amazing weekend!!!! Sounds like all the itches were scratched!!! That’s awesome. So happy that you all have found your peace and happiness. So happy you all found the live you were lacking.

    I will say that when it comes to swinging the Ds part of us is not something we are willing to share. That is ours and ours alone. There is a connection that comes with it and I won’t chance that with just anyone.

    Hugs to you both.

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