Submissives – weak or strong?

I’ve pondered this question for a while now. I’ve mentioned to Master about how I feel weak at times. To an observer or someone who has never really served, a subbie can appear weak and/or mindless. Needing instruction and to be controlled in one or more areas of our lives. He has corrected me on each of those times, saying submissives are strong, stronger than most people would believe.

It takes a strong character to be shown one’s flaws without totally falling apart. And more importantly, acknowledging those flaws and agreeing to work on them in order make us better subbies and people. It is not easy admitting where you’ve done wrong or to accept critisms and slowly building yourself back up, especially with the help of a good Dominant. I do believe this is the hardest part. Being forced to look in the mirror and begin the process of making the image staring back at you more the image you want it to be.

I have my moments where I feel really badly about myself or the things I’ve done but I always have Master there to remind me I’m not a bad person. I just have to learn to do better and that He will guide me in that direction and become the person who I was supposed to be.

Through becoming Master’s submissive, I’ve also come to believe the weakest of people are selfish, self-centered and lazy. Whether it is a subconscious decision to be that way is debatable but it takes a stronger person to be able to give one’s self and service to another being. It’s easier to only care about yourself and not have to give anything to someone else.

Being a submissive takes dedication, care and love for your dominant as well as the desire and the drive to keep up with daily assignments, learning protocols and changing habits. It’s work but it’s much like the work it takes to care for and raise children. You’re driven inside to do these things, and do them well, because of your love and respect for Him (or Her). The reward of being appreciated and love by your Dom is more than worth the effort.

From Master A

Yes, we have often had this conversation as well as the conversation about what I want in a submissive…how much slave vs servant etc. My perspective is that I would much rather have a woman who is willfull, sassy, and a little obstinant…then have her serve me. That is so much more satisfying than having someone who always just mindlessly says “yes”. I love knowing that Baby Doll makes the decision everyday to serve me!


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