Tied Down

Master got out our array of ties, cuffs and collars. He rigged up a system real quick of ties hooked to the feet of the bedframe and cuffed them to the collar he put around my neck. Master wanted to make sure I wouldn’t be able to crawl or get away from Him during the first session we’ve had in weeks and weeks. How sexy it was for me to be bound to our bed by my play collar and gagged as usual. The session toys were already laid out on the dresser. The Rose, Caniac, Oakey, Mr. Grey, Leatherman and Metallica.

I had a total of 24 punishment spankings coming but Master was generous enough to cut them in half, 12 now and 12 later…  Those 12 were enough! I need to be re-conditioned to be able to take punishment and sessions again. Mr. Grey’s sting was as sharp as ever and I took my punishment. Afterwards, Master used the Caniac to warm up my ass and Oakey came down with a thwack in between. He prefers me to stay on my knees but the spankings can quickly bring me down to laying flat on the bed and trying to squirm away or curling up into a fetal position. The Rose, as always, came out to play, her stem bites hard. Master had used Leatherman to beat me earlier while I was sucking His cock. The leather edges are harsh but I enjoy those beatings almost as much.

A good introduction break into hopefully having regular sessions again. Before February, we would have at least one if not two a week. Some light tears as I sank down into sub space while being held close by Master and holding onto the sound of His voice.

Later, we talked about using the ties to strap me down flat the bed. I mentioned that’s how I would do it, having been on that side of the paddle many times myself…..Princesa is never far away, always under the surface and ready to speak her twisted mind.


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