I came home to a sleepy Master, having woken up from an afternoon nap just a little while ago. We snuggled a bit, talked about our day, ex’s, kids, etc then He got up to cook. Master made us some drinks and a yummy dinner. As I was doing the dishes, first His boxers (I wear His shorts quite a bit, they’re too comfy when we’re at home!) came down with nothing underneath. I continued doing dishes while Master molested me a little. Then my shirt came off. A little bit of a strange sensation doing chores without any clothes on. He bent me over the sink and sank His cock into my willing pussy as a nice tease then went to take care of some business while He took my clothes with Him. I also took some good spankings. In fact, He even gave me my punishment that I had earned during dinner right then. I finished the dishes and cleaning up the kitchen, wasn’t much to do since He had already cleaned the rest of the counters and stove. I put some more ice in my drink to cool it down again and got laundry out of the dryer to fold while Master was on the phone, canceling Kitty’s cell (Red has already gotten her a new phone and number). Sitting on the floor folding laundry, completely nude, while a mindless sitcom played on Netflix until He was done. Then He asked me to put laundry on hold so I could rub his feet and while I was getting the foot lotion, bring the Caniac to Him in my teeth. I did as I was told and sat in seiza while waiting for Him. Master turned on our show and settled in while getting His feet rubbed. He enjoyed having his Baby Doll sitting naked before Him and expressed so a few times. I also took a few whacks from Caniac….oh how it stings! Finished the laundry and put it away, came back to finish watching with Master. He joined me on the couch, touching and caressing me. After, we went into the bedroom, talked a little then started messing around. I was a bit giggly from my drink that I finally finished. We ended up in 69 with me cumming hard while on top. I continued to suck His cock until He instructed me to get in His favorite position so He could finish. I love the feeling of His throbbing cock as He cums hard inside me. We both collapsed and fell asleep while snuggling. Master was planning on a session but since we conked out, it didn’t happen. I woke up a little after midnight, turned out the lights and got our phones to make sure we would wake up on time in the morning. He barely stirred as I climbed back in bed, cuddled up to Him and fell right back asleep again.


3 thoughts on “Naked

  1. It was, Angel! I enjoyed it very much! It took a little getting used to at first but the freedom of not wearing clothes and the air blowing across naked skin feels very very nice.


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