The Monster Inside

I want to hurt you. I want to make you cry. I want to beat you. I want to break you. I want you to lose yourself in pain, so I can bring you back.

I will lay you across my knee and spank your ass until my hand can’t take another strike. I will strap the ball gag into your mouth and tie your ankles and wrists to the bed posts, ass in the air…you won’t be able to move, you won’t be able to ask for mercy. You will be mine until I AM done, until the Monster has been fed, until MY rage is appeased. You will be whipped, flogged, spanked, caned, and paddled. You will turn pink, then red, then black and blue. Your skin will split and your ass will bleed. You will sob and your body will shake and tremble but I won’t stop. I can’t stop. I need to push you, to push me. I will break you to the depths of your being. You will crawl into subspace to find solace from the pain, and I still won’t stop. You will lose yourself and I will bring you back. The hand that hurts you will be the dame hand you seek to bring you back.

You need this. I need this. This is my cleansing. This is your cleansing. This is who we are. This is how we survive.

I can feel Him, the Monster, He needs to feed, to find peace, to be delivered from His pain. Your pain saves Him. You cleave to Him like a child to his mother’s teat. He is your pain and your succour. In turn you save Him from Himself… without you the Monster would destroy me.


5 thoughts on “The Monster Inside

  1. Thank you – you have no idea… I have just written something for my Most and Best Beloved which I have been trying to say for while … You have given me the courage … Thank you

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