I am consumed by a Monster strong and powerful yet gentle. As His hands touch me, I can feel the electricity through His fingertips but He controls Himself, instead holding me gently, kissing me, loving me. This calms the scared little girl inside, knowing what’s about to come out. He ties the gag on, asks me to nod that I understand I’m giving Him complete power and control over my body. I do. It scares me but I do. He confirms that I know He will not stop until He is ready to stop, until the Monster is sedated again. I know this and am willing to accept the ferocity that will be unleashed.

It never ceases to amaze me the change I see in Him. From the calm, sweet, gentle man who generously pleasured me with His mouth just moments before to this Monster who will relentlessly beat and break me until I’m barely aware of my surroundings, desparately holding on His voice to make my way back to Him.

Master pulls the ties out and instructs me to bed over the bed. He wrapps the cuffs around my wrists, arms extended out then spreads my feet apart as the ankle cuffs go on. With enough room to move but unable to curl up or roll over, no way to get away from Him or stall another strike from landing.

First His hands warm me up, hard spanks to get my ass ready for Leatherman. He starts with the length of the belt, using it like a whip. Acoss my ass, up and down my back, a few on the backs of my thighs. Then Leatherman gets folded up and whack! Each blow that lands on my backside, I grip the bed sheets a little tighter. He spreads my legs apart and fucks me in between, the pleasure pushing back the pain slightly. It’s confusing as your body tingles from pain then pleasure is reintroduced, being conditioned to stay in some sense of excitement as you walk that fine line between the two.

After a slight pause, I feel the cold wood of Oakey as He runs it down my back. My whole body tenses, knowing what is about to come. I hold on the sheets and bury my face in anticipation, dreading the white hot pain I know Oakey is capable of delivering. I pull and struggle against the cuffs holding me in place as He beats me. I can’t escape, held prisoner by more than those straps but by the pain as well. I can feel the holes in the wood that spell out my name. They cut into my skin with each whack, making Oakey’s bite that much sharper. Master is merciless until I’m crying and would have been screaming if not for the gag holding it in for me. He unties me and pulls the gag from my mouth then takes me into His arms, sobbing uncontrollably. Master holds onto me until I’m calm again and able to come crawling out of the dark, opening my eyes to His beautiful face. After each break, it’s like shedding a decaying piece of yourself only to rejuvenate and feel younger, more at peace. There’s a calming quiet inside, ready to take on the world once again.


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