Something pink, shiny and new

I knew what I was coming home to. On nights we are childless, they become play nights. Master had asked me if I wanted this new toy tonight. It sort of came out of nowhere but I certainly did not say no. I had wanted to try this for some time now. He also brought home some glue to repair the floggers we had destroyed some time ago. Master took the two and merged them into one with the thinner threads on the inside and thicker on the out. Turned out very nice….and usable again.

I received spankings, some flogging and lots of teasing all before dinner. He was very anxious to play but we held off for a bit. Finally we went into the bedroom and got naked. Master tied up my breasts tight. They were aching in no time at all. After going down on Him for a few minutes, He reached for the new toy and had me lay back. He attached the suction cup to my pussy and started pumping away.

At first, it hurt. But a strange kind of hurt. As my pussy would get used to the pulling sensation, the aching would calm down. Then He would do it all over again. Each time it hurt slightly less and made my pussy ache more. I felt my clit being pulled out it, making it ache as well. Over and over and over, He used the pump on me. Then He fucked me. And  used the pump some more. Then ate my pussy. And fucked me again.

It took longer for me to cum because of the aching but the heightened sensations made me cum harder and when I finally did…it was amazing!

I love that Master wants to explore and play and enjoys the kink as much as I do. I love that some lovemaking sessions are 20 or 30 minutes long and others are 2 hours or more. I love the deep soul kisses and the looks of desire. I’m a very lucky subbie.


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