And the Saga Continues..

As if things were not complicated enough.

It’s been rough last few days. Just when things seemed to be calming down…

Master and I received some news via text late Thursday night. Kitty is pregnant with Red’s baby. They both stated this does not affect us, nothing changes for us. HA! What arrogant audacity to sit there and say it doesn’t affect us. We both suspected this for a little while now. Red had been asking about the paperwork recently and Master said Kitty looked a little different, bigger in the chest area. She’s 2 months along, they said. But we kept thinking, no way. Well….yes way. Kitty was pregnant before we even moved out of the house.

Red said we should be emotionally supportive. Tolerant, sure. Supportive, absolutely not. Kitty keeps saying how happy she is. Sure, she’s secured her man. Oldest trick in the book, get pregnant and he’s stuck. Not that I think he would leave her anyway, he’s too co-dependent and scared to be on his own. But she doesn’t know him well enough to have figured that out.

I worry about the kids. The 3 youngest, not as much. But the older girls, yes. They’ve been through a lot of changes already and this one is a big one. Red & Kitty are grown-ups, no excuses anymore. They could have and should have been careful but I believe they chose not to. In March or April, they had already had a scare, thinking Kitty was pregnant and miscarried. Evidently, shortly after, she ended up pregnant anyway. So either they’re the dumbest shitheads we know or they continued on trying to make it happen.

As I said, tolerant. What’s done is done. There’s no taking it back.



7 thoughts on “And the Saga Continues..

      1. Lol! And a little extra love never hurt… Friendship always helps at times like these. It’s always nice to see the notification that you commented on something . 😊 Master A

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