Missing You

I know I’ve said it probably a hundred times to Him already and I’ve been posting how I miss Him but today it’s hitting me a little harder. Not sure if I’m a little more emotional or tired from the twins being up last night but I want my Master home so very badly! I’m very attached to Him, I crave His attention all the time, I hate sleeping alone…all this is wearing down on my pretty quick.  Thank goodness this is the last night without Him and I get to pick Him up tomorrow night.

I will say, despite that, I’m glad He went to the conference because good things seem to be happening so I’m more than happy about that. I’m just being a selfish little brat who wants to stomp her feet and cry about missing Papa…

I love you Master!!! I absolutely cannot wait to throw my arms around you, kiss you, hold you tight and not let you go!!

kissing in moonlight