Home Alone

Sometimes leaving me home alone is dangerous!

Result 1:

“Baby Doll, I have a surprise for you…the Princess will like it.” (on the phone)

“Oh, really?”

“Yes…I NEED the Princess!”

“No hints for me?”

“Nope, you will just have to hurry home.”

I had watched some BDSM porn… now on occasion, a switch gets flipped within me and I crave to receive the beatings that I normally dole out. Baby Doll walked up the stairs to our place, and found me kneeling on the floor, ball gag in place, Oakey in hand, with a note written on my phone asking for what I craved.  Princessa wasted no time in getting me strapped to the bed, doling out what I had asked for, perhaps taking a little revenge for the beatings I have given her. It was exactly what I needed. She broke me a couple times, before she released me, beaten, bruised, and broken. I fell into sub space, the blissful silence where nothing exists but pain, breath, her soft touch, her gentle words, a tender breast ready for me to suckle. I am naked, exposed for my Baby Doll.  She brings me back and makes love to me. It was a beautiful evening.

Result 2:

I learn something new…

I had Baby Doll lay out the toys for the evening. I gagged her. I blindfolded her. I asked her if she gave herself to me freely. I asked her if she knew I would not stop until I was done. I bound her to the bed.  I left her there while I made an ice pack…It was going to be a long session. It was a night for the spoon, the Rose, Leatherman, and Oakey. None of that was new… not even me fucking her in the middle of the session…but I brought out Baby Doll’s power tool… I would bring her close to or even break her with pain and then bring her back with the pleasure of the vibrator. Time and time again… But I wouldn’t let her cum… Finally, I unbound her and brought her to me to cuddle. She was deep, she was gone… I had never felt her drift so far before. She started to come out of it much earlier than I had expected. She turned to me and asked me to make love to her.  I couldn’t nor would I deny her. We both came hard, and she immediately broke again. I had had a feeling that she wasn’t out of it earlier, but I wasn’t sure…this confirmed it for me.

This life we lead is incredible, and maybe a little crazy. The more we delve into the darkness, into pain, into pleasure, into each other, the more I want it.  I want it more frequently and I want it more deeply.  I want to go further. So does Baby Doll. We always debrief after, and I make sure that not only is Baby Doll ok, but that we didn’t go too far, that we are still on the right track.

We have talked about my almost overwhelming desire to leave a permanent mark on her. We have discussed tattoos, and scarring. .. for not it remains bruises and temporal marks…but someday they will not fade, and Baby Doll invites it. Her devotion to me and this life humbles me everyday.


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