Keep Calm and Beat Your Submissive

I want to hate them. I want to hate her. I want to hang on to the bitter taste that is still in my mouth after learning, that despite a warning shot across their bow in the form of a miscarriage a couple months ago, our exes were so irresponsible as to get pregnant…before we are divorced, much less remarried.

I want to hate her for using the feelings I divulged to her as a friend, in a moment of need, as weapons against Baby Doll and I in a subsequent fight.  I want to hate her for manipulating a sucker into getting her pregnant, because I said no to another baby until we were settled and in a stable situation.

But whom does all this hate and anger hurt?  Certainly not her.  Most times the people we direct our grudges at not longer care that they hurt us, and in fact many probably revel in the fact that you are still angry while they have moved on.  They probably don’t even think about you anymore.

So, whom does it hurt? It hurts me, Baby Doll, and the kids. My anger sometimes explodes on those around me who DO love me… but more often than not it forces me to withdraw from the world, to be physically present, but completely checked out. On the worst days, I must remove myself physically from anyone’s presence, for fear that I will lash out at those closest to me.

What to do…

Keep Calm and Beat Your Submissive

That’s right kids! Beat the shit out of her! Remember, she likes it! This is how she knows you love her. Submissives want to please their Masters. They want to be used for your pleasure. They want to bring you peace and tranquility. I know Baby Doll willingly sacrifices her body to me to bring me out of my holes. In our world, this is love.

I am a sadist. She is a masochist. I make no apologies.




These are the rules we live by.

For me there is no greater feeling than being given her body to torture, to fuck, to pleasure, to give pain, to confuse, to make bleed…and then have her turn around and find succor and solace in my arms, through my hands…the very hands that just moments before wracked her body with pain so that she drowned in subspace. Then as my Baby Doll emerges from the depths, she looks me in the eyes, kisses my hands, thanks me for her beating, and begs me to make love to her.




6 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Beat Your Submissive

  1. Holding on to anger will kill you slowly. I know!!! It took me a year to let mine go. In that time I hurt myself and my family. It has taken almost a year to get me out of the hole I was in. Turning in isn’t good. I still have issues sometimes but you have to talk. You have to use the outlets you have at your disposal. Baby doll loves you and doesn’t want to lose you to that rabbit hole. You don’t want to be lost there either. You will lose so much more than just yourself.

    Love yourself. Love your Baby doll.

    Friends are always here for you!!!

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    1. Hi Angel. It is a struggle everyday. Even on the best days, when all seems right, the little worm wiggles itself free in the back of my head. On good days, Baby Doll sees it cross my face and heads it off before it takes root. Some days, I hide it too well and before she realizes I’ve fallen again. For the most part, they are getting fewer and less severe.
      Always thankful that you are in our life!

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      1. I can completely sympathize with that. I think I do a good job hiding it but that may only last a day. Then we have feelings of more anger cause damn it we let it bother us again!!! And damn it look that them happy and smiling and life is good. It’s an illusion. The grass isn’t greener. We have what we need in front of us. It’s letting go that is hard but we have to. At least you know what helps yours. That’s a huge battle won.


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    1. Hi Agatha… we are actually doing decently well! This was kind of intended to be a reminder for those of us who live this life to not forget that it can be a valuable tool to regain our perspective and inner peace. The gift our submissives give us is…well unparalleled! I am grateful for my Baby Doll and the love she lavishes on me.

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  2. We are both grateful for each other Sir!! Having you in my life has been an amazing experience and I look forward to each and every day with you!

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