The Gentleman

His name is Gentleman. Strong, quiet and determined to bring discipline upon the one who deserves it and pleasure to the sadist who takes him in hand.
Master collared me, held me, hugged me and asked if I understood that He would not stop until He was done. I replied, “Yes Sir”. He loves me and I trust Him fully as he gags me, giving Him complete control as this makes it impossible for me to use our safe word. He tied me to the bed, gave me pillows to rest on and began our session. He started with the new black crop (it has yet to be named), it stung and has good impact and did a fair job of warming me up for the Gentleman. The cane is quiet and unforgiving. There is not a lot of surface sting with each strike but a much deeper impact that soon leaves you sore and aching. Each smack digs deep into your flesh versus a surface hit that stings and goes away. As Master likes to do, He fucked me in between beatings and His thrusting against me added to the painful sensations I was already enduring. Finally He was done, He finished inside me while I sunk into the darkness and then brought me up onto the bed with Him. I was hurting and aching like never before and almost struggled to come out of it. Master held me, soothing me back to Him.
I’m definitely bruised and sore today, each step I take I can feel the bruises and sitting becomes uncomfortable after a while. Occasionally I will get some sharper pains shooting across but they fade fast back to the dull ache. Just like Oakey, I’m sure I’ll develope a love/hate relationship with the Gentleman. But I know Master has already fallen in love with it.


6 thoughts on “The Gentleman

  1. Good idea to work your way up to a cane. When floggers and normal paddles are just fun and don’t really *hurt* so much anymore. Then try a cane. But yes, the masochist inside grins from ear to ear. 😆

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  2. The Gentleman, is EVERYTHING, I had hoped. It’s what I thought the Canova would be… it’s an amazing feeling. Silent thuds, knowing all the energy of the cane is going in her flesh, instead of escaping as sound. Beautiful! !


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