Long Time Coming

Baby Doll

It’s been a long time fantasy of mine to figure out how to squirt. A girl I was with a while back, she didn’t mention she was a squirter but as I was taking turns eating her pussy and fingering her, she squirted on me. I heard a little gush of liquid and watched as her pussy juice flowed out. It was incredibly hot. Everything I’ve read about it said just about every woman is capable of squirting. It’s just a matter of finding the button, so to speak, to make it happen. I’ve read over and over it’s g-spot stimulation that usually does it. Push down as he is rubbing or stimulating the g-spot and you’ll feel this gush similar to the sensation of peeing but not. Only a couple of times in the midst of intense attempts at being fisted have I felt this and even then, only a little and not that intense. Until now.
I’ve discovered, for me anyway, it’s not the g-spot that gets me to that point.  Just like cumming, it’s all clit stimulation. I can have orgasms a few different ways but none so intense as thru my clit. I recently began trying the pushing method as I feel my clit getting warmed up. It takes a few times practicing the pushing technique because normally as I get more and more turned on, I tend to do the opposite and clench up so this has been a little bit of an exercise for me. Each time I push, it feels more and more amazing until I finally feel the gush….and OH MY GOD!  It’s like a mini-orgasm each time. It isn’t a ton of juice but it’s definitely noticeable. As anything that you do over and over, it’s becoming easier. The final orgasm after I’ve squirted a couple of times is out of this world incredible! My whole body spasms and it feels like it lasts forever….I’m amazed some of the neighbors haven’t complained considering I’m not exactly quiet. Last night was the first time since I’ve been practicing my new technique that I tried it while Master was going down on me. Wow….again….Wow. The bed underneath me was, shall we say, a little damp. Papa seemed to quite enjoy Himself as I gushed for Him a few times. I’m happy to be exploring a fantasy I’ve had for so long with my Papa Bear.


Baby Doll asked me, very timidly, when we first got together what I thought about squirting.  I told her, I had never experienced it, but that I thought it was pretty hot. She confessed that it had been a fantasy of hers for some time. She found a video on how to help a woman achieve the squirt! lol  We did it a few times, but it focused on the g-spot, and it’s method very intense. I am a pretty strong guy, but I was never able to keep up the motion long enough to get her there.

Since the beginning, I have experienced some form of squirting with Baby Doll, usually in the midst of love making or I would find myself with a “mouthful” while going down on her. But in the last couple weeks, there have been multiple times in the middle of sex that I realize I am drenched…and it’s not me. As I am moving in and out of her, the wetness begins to evaporate and everything gets a little cooler, like getting out of the pool.

Then there was the other night…

I love going down on Baby Doll, nuzzling right into her warmth. She asked me if she could try squirting while I was down there on this night. I said yes, as I had seen it in porn and had always thought it was hot, and yet another way to become closer. I didn’t do anything different than on any other night, but Baby Doll had discovered how to make herself squirt, and so…did!  At first, I would find my mouth a little full of more liquid than usual, as she moaned a little louder. I felt her wetness spreading across my face. Her breathing and moaning would come back down, like a wave cresting and falling back into a trough…I continued and built her to her next crest. We repeated this for another 4 or 5 cycles. Finally, at a particularly high crest, I felt a gush of wetness that soaked my face, ran down by beard and chin. I could feel an actual flow of her juice. Her thighs, my shoulders, my face…everything was soaked.  It tasted of a spicy sweetness that was like her inner honey, amazing. When we concluded the evening, we saw that she had drenched a nice big spot on the bed.

It is thoroughly gratifying to give my babygirl what she wants. Not just the fulfilling of a fantasy, but the act itself makes me feel closer to her. Why should she be the only one who literally “consumes” me, now I can do the same. I love it! Yet another layer of our love and love making.


10 thoughts on “Long Time Coming

  1. Beloved taught me how a few years back. I told Joy about it long before we had a relationship, and she figured out how to herself. Now we leave two big puddles in the bed all the time… such gloriousness!!

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