The Tale of Twenty

So it has happened that Baby Doll has not been clear of of DD in quite a while. With so few sessions, I didn’t feel she could take all her punishment she earned for 2 or 3 weeks in one go. I have also upped the quantity of strikes I give. Most of the minor types of infractions have gone by the wayside as Baby Doll has learned very well. So what is left are big blow ups, Baby Doll forgetting her place, or failing to follow a major rule. Where she used to earn 1-2 at a time she is now up to 5-10 for an infraction since they are usually more severe.

We haven’t had a session since we first wrote about The Gentleman. She had wracked up 20. I decided we were going to clear the decks last night. And that we did!

Baby Doll can barely take The Gentleman, and I knew she couldn’t take 20 punishment from him, as I don’t hold back on those. So I decided to warm her up with 5 from the black crop, then 5 from Mr. Grey, and culminating with 5 from The Gentleman.

There was a method to my madness in that I was hoping to break skin with Mr. Grey as he is studded. Then I could “feed” Oakey and The Gentleman. Success! With the 3rd swat from Mr. Grey, the pin prick of blood started to trickle. Oakey then The Gentleman both feasted on the blood and flesh of my babygirl.

With punishment done, I continued the beating…but I was unsure where she was at in her break. I used Oakey in my left hand and The Gentleman in my right. Tap, tap, tap with Oakey and then a full whack with The Gentleman. I’m still in awe of the dull thud he produces…transferring all of his energy to her flesh and back up the cane to my hand. She took it, and more. I was very proud of her!

I released Baby Doll from her bonds, grabbed a towel to clean the blood. Cuddled her…The Gentleman is a completely different break than any other of the toys. I have to stop before she fully breaks, because the pain and aching builds for several minutes after I release her from her bonds. In my arms, Baby Doll eventually succumbs to the deep dull pain that grows in her muscles as opposed to the surface skin. Then the flood of tears comes, and the physical pain washes away whatever she was holding inside. I always have a cathartic release with my babygirl. I talk her through it and out of it.

Babygirl offers to pleasure me, and I accept. This was the 3rd of the day for me so it took some time. But Baby Doll is always persistent! She cleaned me up, and came in for some more snuggling. She started shaking, I wasn’t sure what it was…another break! She sobbed into my arms. The Gentleman is really anything but…he has a way of making his presence known for hours and then days later. Usually Baby Doll feels our sessions for a couple days…she feels it for a week to 2 with The Gentleman! She was still bruised and a little sore from our last one.

I’m so proud of how Baby Doll takes what I give. Thanks me. Loves me. Wants more. Needs more. I’m a happy and content Papa Bear! Thank you Baby Doll!


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