New Career

I’ve been busier than normal lately…

The chance to work with my best friend and his sister has finally come!  It’s been almost two years in the making and now it’s finally here. I’m on day four of a twelve-day crash course and then I have to pass the licensing test. It’s been a little tiring as I’m not used to all the reading, note-taking and passing quizzes like I used to be but I’m keeping up. I have been doing part of the study work at work, which helps a lot. Master has been generous in helping around the house more so that my chores don’t fall behind. I’ve managed to keep up with His help. It has helped that it’s just been Him and me this week, kids would have made it so I couldn’t start study work until their bedtime. I do miss them, even so!! And I miss my time with Master, but as He said, it’s only 12 days and I’m doing something to advance myself for the family.

The other good news is I can be licensed in any state and work from wherever we move to, and work from home. So next year when we move, I can stay at home with the kids and (hopefully) our new baby and still bring in an income.

But the best news of all…I get to leave the job I’m in now!  I cannot wait to give notice and be out in three weeks. It might be a little early but Master has graciously allowed me to do it for a few reasons, mainly my sanity! This is not the job for me. It doesn’t suit me well and I do not particularly enjoy it. The new job….definitely more my style!

I’m beyond excited!  And scared. It’s hard starting all over. But I know Master is being so supportive and encouraging, as well as my mother, and working with my best friend means I’ll have all the help I can get!


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