Yesterday was hard. Master and I took the day off because it’s the last day before school starts. He’s anxious about this next year, it’s going to the hardest and He has a lot of work ahead of Him. I don’t know how much it actually helps but I keep reminding Him that I’m here, to love and support Him and do what I can to make sure everything else is running smooth so all He has to do is focus on His work and get done. I hope it helps anyway. Unfortunately, even though we had the day off together, we didn’t get to spend much of it with each other.
Master went with Kitty to tour a pre-school for their oldest in the morning. I brought my girls home with me while He did that. They did sign her up and she starts on Monday. He came home and I had to get my oldest ready for a meet and greet at her new school that she also starts on Monday.  It was the first time I’ve seen spoken to Red in another form than texting in about three weeks. He was agreeable and even friendly really. Scary. We agreed to terms on homework and school lunches.
In between all of this, I was working on my course. I had four chapters to read, quizzes at the end of each chapter and then a final course quiz. Plus a homework assignment.  All due for midnight MT.
Master had dinner plans at His father’s house where He would also leave His kids to spend the night, leaving me with my girls for dinner. Me, cook? Ha! I got Chinese take out which the girls gobbled down. My mom came over for dinner and to watch the girls and get them ready for bed for me while I did my study work. She gave the twins baths and played with them while I powered thru the last two chapters and quizzes. The girls went down and she went home, giving me about an hour of total quiet. Master text to let me know He was coming home and just as He arrived, I was finishing up the final quiz of yesterday’s chapters. He settled in and I began the research for the assignment due in less than an hour.  I got it done with 39 minutes to spare. Like I said, it was rough! 
We chatted a bit, I text my best friend (here after known as Jets) to let him know of my progress and we watched a show. Master and I went to bed fairly late and shortly after I turned out the lights, I asked Him if maybe He would consider a quickie and Papa Bear agreed. I just wanted the intimacy and closeness of sex but more to please Him than anything. I’ve been feeling even more subbie lately, even with being a little too sassy at times.  After I snuggled up with Papa and fell right asleep.
….only to be woken up at 6am because my 6 year thinks she needs to wake the other kids to play once she’s up. Yes , I am a cranky Baby Doll this morning. At least my course work is light today. Two chapters and three quizzes.  I can get thru it!


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