Let The Games Begin!

It’s fall…I love fall… well I love foliage, pumpkin flavored everything, sweaters, hoodies, warm days and cool nights. But before we get to the good stuff comes school. The oldest is off to 1st grade, the next started pre-K today, and I am back to teaching while I struggle to finish my Ph.D.  In the midst of all this, Baby Doll is starting a new career, but has to take the 2-week class and licensing exam before she can.

Kitty and I have signed all our paperwork for the divorce! So, that should be finalized in the next month. Now…the wait for Red to get off his ass! I don’t know if he is just a lazy son of a bitch, a control freak who can’t let go of Baby Doll, even though he already has another woman, my soon to be ex wife, knocked up.  He is a man I will never understand, but with whom I am now inexorably bound! Some days I find it completely frustrating that there is nothing I can do to eliminate him from my life. I guess there truly is a price to pay for everything.

Along with kids starting school, me starting school, divorces, Baby Doll studying for her new job, it is also time for me to start looking for a job for next year when I complete my degree.

Can anybody say…overwhelmed!?

But I have my sanity, my sanctuary, my love, my…person… to come home to everyday. To a home I am proud of, to kids who are taken care of, to being loved in ways I had never dreamed of…

I am scared, stressed out (already), and overwhelmed…but in your arms, I am safe, warm, taken care of… I know I am supposed to do that for you, after all I am the Papa. But, truly, without you Baby Doll, I could not do this! I now, more than ever, believe in the adage: “Behind every good man there is a great woman!”

Thank you Baby Doll, my babygirl, my best friend, my love…



One thought on “Let The Games Begin!

  1. I am here for you Papa Bear!! My love!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ I know it’s a crazy time for me to be moving about career-wise, but in the long run it will definitely pay off! You know these broad shoulders can carry a lot. Lean on me like I do with you and you will always have a comfort zone and infallible support system!

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