Girl. Red is having another girl. He announced it yesterday. Both Master and I are noticing that Kitty is not looking very happy these days. Whether it’s because she’s tired, the pregnancy is getting hard on her, it’s Red or it’s Master…we don’t know. She isn’t saying anything. When Red announced the news, I got upset. I couldn’t help it. Not over their baby, not jealous….but upset that he has control over me. Still. No matter how hard I try to be rid of his control over my life. It’s been two weeks since I signed the papers. And he has yet to do his part. He’s having another child with another woman and he will not let me go! It infuriates me. I just want to be free, free to have my own life with Master, free to marry Him and be his wife, not just His girlfriend anymore.

It was our night with the kids last night. Now my oldest, she’s a gossip. We call her “Twitter” because she’s always commenting, tattling, announcing something. She told us Red has a week off work. I knew this, I had heard it from Master, who learned it from Kitty and also from my mom. She told us about them having another girl, which she is not impressed with. She says there are enough girls. Well, we can’t choose, I told her. Then she told me she hopes Papa and I have a boy. I told her I hope so too. Today, evidently, she’s been telling Red and Kitty that she hopes Papa and I have a boy because we all have enough girls! Lol – I’m sure that went over well. Then the kids proceeded to tell us that Red went to the gym yesterday. Wonderful. His priorities have not changed. He gets time off work and the first thing he does is head over to the MMA gym. I’m hoping he also gets the mandatory class done and miraculously finds the time to sign the damn divorce papers. Screw the MMA gym. There are more pressing matters. But does he see that? No. All he cares about is himself. Kitty is going on five months pregnant and it would be another month before our divorce is finalized.

Kitty gave me a box of stuff that Red told her is mine when I dropped the kids off this morning. As I was driving to work, I started thinking….was he this way with me to? Did he make me do literally everything? Kitty does everything for him. Including tasks that involve his kids. As far as I know, the only thing he does is take our oldest to school in the mornings. Red has been avoiding me like the plague lately. I have not heard from him in over a week, except when he told us he signed for our oldest to go on a field trip at the end of the month. I’m thankful. It’s been quiet and drama-free. But at the same time, it makes me nervous. Sort of like the lull before the storm.



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  1. I think this might be my first comment on here… know that people all over the country are thinking of you both. This next year will be rough with A wrapping up and all the drama with the jobs/move, but after you move and everything – things will be LIGHT years better. Stay strong – it only makes you both stronger! 🙂

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