Life Goes On… Tonight

It has been a few weeks since I have found the time to write about, well, anything! School is so time consuming and Baby Doll has been taking her class and studying for her licensing exam…which she just took and passed!!! Congratulations Baby Doll on all your hard work! Now you get to start your new job on Monday, while you wait for the license to come through.

The major downside to all this education is that we have hardly spent any time together, really together. We are in the house together, but I am watching tv at the end of the night after the kids are in bed and the chores are done, while Baby Doll studies. I miss her. We have been doing what we can to maintain protocols, take a few minutes to reconnect and have fun when we can, but the sessions…oh the sessions have gone by the wayside. I think it has been a full month now since we have had a good one.  Sure I give her the odd smack on the ass, but there is nothing like tying her to the bed, strapping in the ball gag, and beating her ass until it is red with raised welts and dappled with blood. I’m not the only one who misses these beatings. Baby Doll has commented…but the time… On the best of nights, Baby Doll loves to make love, cum hard, and then get beaten. On my best nights I can do this for her. But it takes so much energy. Most men, and I am one of them, are usually spent after we cum, so to raise the Monster, to find the energy for a session… I have offered nights where she can choose, orgasm or break. She almost always chooses the orgasm.

I mentioned to Baby Doll how much I missed our sessions… she recommended tonight. The stars seem to be aligning to make tonight quite a night. First, it’s Friday, Baby Doll’s favorite night of the week! Now, she has also passed her exam. Stress relieved, the specter of the exam gone, no more studying! Next, no kids tonight…the house is our to wreck, invade, soil and sully! It is going to be date night, we are going out to celebrate. Finally, it is session night!!! Mr. Grey will make an appearance to start the trickles of blood that I so desire. But then,The Gentleman and Oakey get priority on Baby Doll’s sweet plump posterior. I can feel the Monster raising inside me right now just thinking about the smack of Oakey and the dull thud of The Gentleman…all the while being fed on the trickles and splattering of Baby Doll’s blood staining and re-staining their surfaces.

Now, lest any of you think we have not been having fun in the month since our last session, let me add a little tidbit. Since the beginning of our relationship Baby Doll has always intimated that she has a way with the male anatomy. I have many first hand experiences confirming these assertions, but usually in through her oral skills or making love. However, recently she has demonstrated her abilities with a prostate. I have to say…holy fucking shit! The only thing I can compare it to is how women describe their G-spot. Getting a blow job while having your prostate massaged…let’s just say I highly recommend it!!!

So…I hope all of you out their who are in school, or teach, or have kids in school are surviving, and remembering to try and balance life with these responsibilities. We should never forget to take time for ourselves and our loved ones. Remember, neglect is the surest way to kill a beautiful relationship, they need time and attention.

I’m sure one, or both, of us will let you all know how tonight went. 😉


2 thoughts on “Life Goes On… Tonight

  1. Woohoo. Congrats to Baby doll!!!! I know how hard she has worked and congrats on the stars aligning and the universe hearing you. I know it will be a good night and if I try I’m sure I. Will hear a good whack on her ass from here!!! Love you both.

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