Master and I are exploring the idea of a little outside play. We’ve talked and talked and talked about it for some time. He knows I’m open to the idea and actually love the occasional play time. I reached out to my unicorn, who is somewhat flakey and she said she would join us but I’m not sure at all that’s going to happen. We’ll see…
Master went on the “hunt” a little and also put us out there and we got some nice responses. We have ended up talking to a couple and made plans on at least meeting them on Sunday.
I have my moments of insecurity but I recognize them, address them and ask myself, why? What’s making me think or feel that way? It’s nothing Master is doing. He’s being wonderful, checking in with me to make sure I’m still ok.  We are also thinking of any rules we might want to implement but at the end of the day, sex is sex. The more rules we put in place, the less fun we have. I have no doubts we will be fine and can talk thru anything, any issues that may come up after. Our D/s relationship is vital to both of us, nothing comes between us as Master and subbie. But as a couple, we’ll have some fun and enjoy a night here and there of adult play. And why not…


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