The Calm

The Gentleman came out to visit me Saturday night. I was strapped to the bed, feet on the ground, ass exposed for His taking. I had 15 punishments coming to me. Master thought it was only 10, but I knew better than not tell Him it was actually 15. I missed 3 assignments in the weeks preceeding this session night. Mr. Grey and Oakey warmed my ass up nicely for the Gentleman, they doled out the first 10 with the cane finishing up the additional 5. Once Master starts and the sting of His whacks bites me hard, I always think I won’t be able to do it. I can’t take it. It’s a good thing I have given Him my safe word and submit completely to Him every session. Or I might not be strong enough to hold out beyond the first few strikes. Once my body starts to adjust and take the pain, I can push thru. It’s the first few moments that I’m weak and want nothing more than for Him to stop. But sub space starts to darken the edges and dulls the ache just enough. He punished me, He fucked me, He paddled me and He caned me until I broke hard. Master untied me and pulled me up to Him, my body shaking and wracked with pain. The Gentleman is like no other. Just like Master. Then He calmed me. It took quite a bit of soothing but He managed to do it. I was in a further place than I had ever been before.  The pain pushed me far back this time, but never too far away from my Papa. He pulled me back to Him and the peace that overcame me was blissful. To be in His arms, to be His subbie, His slave…. is right where I belong.


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