Play – Part II

I have been friends with my Unicorn for 3+ years and we have messed around quite a few times.  I’ll always love her as a friend. But her unicorn days are over.  A few days ago, I brought it to her and Master and I were talking about the playing bit and asked her if she was interested.  She said she was and we talked about our schedules this week. Unicorn works nights so is only available about couple of nights a week. We settled on Wednesday, last night. I asked her, just to confirm, if this was a for sure play date and she said yes. Since she’s flakey, I put a 50% probability on it in my mind so I wouldn’t get too excited and be super disappointed if it didn’t work out.  Master did the same.
I got home early yesterday, Master had class so I did some chores and basically enjoyed a little quiet/private time. I text Unicorn, feeling her out a bit to see where she might be in joining us later that evening. Right away, she informed me she wasn’t doing so well…I asked what was going on and she proceeded to tell me she had met one of her “friends” earlier in the day and he had made her sore and chaffed. I got a little upset but continued the conversation as usual, not mentioning anything to her about joining us or our play date that evening. In the meantime, in my mind, I’m trying to figure out if she went to see her “friend” that day, knowing she had made plans to visit us that night, what exactly was going on in her mind. Did she forget about me? Did she think Master and I would be perfectly fine with her “sloppy seconds” as He so graciously put it? Did she make a date with us but really never intended on seeing it thru?  Really, any one of those scenarios is totally fucked up. Master and I have agreed, she’s had been removed from Unicorn status and I will only have a platonic relationship with her from here on out. I love her as a friend but the flakey-ness and now this….DONE.


3 thoughts on “Play – Part II

  1. Many are insecure and tend to become anxious when new opportunities arrive. For myself, I have always been that way with most of my friends. I got so nervous and stressed out about an event or an outing that I would cancel at the last minute. It’s not fun on your end, but it isn’t either on our side. I hope everything works out for you xo

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    1. I perfectly understand that….I’ve been in that situation too. And it wasn’t so much about the canceling, it was more the scheduling two “events” in one day. I don’t know….I felt discarded or 2nd place. I adore her as a person but not for play anymore.


    2. I totally get that… she had already flaked on us 3 or 4 times. The biggest issue here was that she went and played on the morning she was supposed to play with us….not cool. It’s not so much the flaking as the disrespect. Thanks KD!


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