Play Part III – Laughable

Part A
So we had been texting with a couple, all is well. In the original response (it must have been the guy), he said that they were both fully bi, wanted all kinds of play, etc. We texted, flirted, got pretty explicit. Then the girl, D, outs with that she has only really ever kissed girls…well friends that’s not fully bi. She quickly followed up with that she wanted to…ok…maybe.

Then out of the blue, we get a text from D asking if soft swap only is ok, quickly followed up by A (the guy) that she meant just messing around (not swapped) in the same room. Wow…did the brakes just get put on or what?! I get that you might be nervous, I totally understand, but to have represented yourself in one way and flipped it around the other. Needless to say…they are out!

Part B
Baby Doll has never been much for the straight swinging thing. She likes to get to know people first. I respect that and think its a pretty good idea. But sometimes in this adventure people with kids only have a shot on certain evenings, and its kind of now or never (or MUCH later). I have been interested in the more swinger style meet and party. I have been “Fluffy” my entire life and insecure about it to boot. That left me many years of not playing the field, no sowing of wild oats…too many nights of Rosie Palm and her five sisters…lol! So now, we put a couple ads up and I wouldn’t say they are coming out of the woodwork, but people are interested…it feels…GOOD! Right?! They like us, they really like us! haha

So an opportunity came up to play last night, and Baby Doll agreed. I asked a couple times if she was sure, because I didn’t her to do it just for me and put herself in a situation where she wasn’t comfortable. She agreed and seemed mostly ok. We get party supplies and go to their house. We go in and there is already a comforter spread on the floor, he is already in a robe and she in a teddy. ok…I guess we are getting right to it… As soon as I saw the lady, I knew she was on some sort of pills and booze. Come to find out she is a nurse…aaaaaahhhhh….not to stereotype, but the medical profession has a pretty high level of drug use. So, she just sits there while the three of us chat. The man seems very nice, personable, affable, not pushy.

So, he suggests that we give the ladies massages…sure no problem. We are doing our thing, and I get to her pussy and in goes one finger, two, three, FOUR…seriously?! With not effort, no lube, no working up to it… I’m not small, but I’m not large either. My first thought is, if we do this am I even going to feel anything?!!? 😦 And I’m all for fisting, in fact it’s pretty hot, but I kind of want to work for it. Then she whispers to me to eat her pussy. Ok, no problem, I’m down. Now still, she has not touched me, really at all. But I’m an obliging fellow, assuming the favor would be returned. Now, I know I have skills! This is one point in my life where I have great confidence, bordering on arrogance. I can fucking eat pussy. I’m down there, and she doesn’t move nor make a sound. WTF!!! I’ve heard of pillow princesses and star fish who just lie there like mattress holes because they are so hot so you should just be happy to be fucking them, but christ, make some noise, get into it…something! She was like a dead fish…gross!

We switch things up, kind of swap back. Baby Doll and I are having a good time with each other. Then the guy makes a move to swap back. Cool. I go to the lady and ask if she’s would like to suck my cock… “No”… REALLY?! Oh my fucking god!!! I go back to Baby Doll, he goes back and pulls out a black dildo the size of fucking king kong!!!! Seriously, puts a little lube on it and with no effort starts fucking her pussy with it. And she still barely makes a move that she even feels it.

Finally, we all just kind of fizzle out. She is still on the comforter, rolls it over her because she is cold. We all chat for a minute about kids and such. Then she falls asleep. We end up chatting with the guy for a while longer. Again, he seems really cool, but seriously!?

So, I think I will be following Baby Doll’s lead and NOT do that again. I guess there is no guarantee…even with more chatting… I am all for a couple cocktails to lubricate the situation, but if you have to get shitfaced, maybe this is NOT something you want to do. That little escapade sure gave me perspective on what a lucky son of a bitch I am to have my Baby Doll!!!!


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