Stay Healthy My Friends



26 thoughts on “Stay Healthy My Friends

      1. what makes me giggle are the girls who like their other halfs nibbling on them, yet they refuse to give blow jobs…. i am almost 50 and i still look like im in my middle thirties… go go go blowjobs. x

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      2. ah – why thank you very much – it is most kind of you to say. they are rather pretty when they are brown – i apologise for being quite so forward, but am in the middle of a dirty story for Master…. i shall publish it shortly…

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      3. may i please beg a question. i am known for being a bit of a blonde…. i did believe for a while that the white cliffs of dover were actually painted white! are two people who write this… please please for give me –

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      4. Haha! No worries! It is. Baby Doll and me, Master A. We write this together. I try to sign if I think it isn’t clear if it is a man or woman answering. We both write, but it is often Baby Doll that comments on the blog posts.


      5. I had recently suspected that was the case. some things read very oddly otherwise. you will have to forgive me – my concentration and memory is terrible – i was given so many nasty drugs by my doctor for my back they have buggered a part of my memory… so i apologise for the question.

        anyway, i do love your blog – it bring much pleasure in my days x –

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      6. i wonder if women would do them more if they new how medicinely good they were for you … i think a little propaganda is in order dont’ you …

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      1. when i get very sad the only way i know of cheering me up is by doing silly things… like putting fairy liquid in public fountains on windy october days. its highly illegal but so unbelieveably harmless… and the bubbles that float all over the place in the wind is guaranteed to put a smile on even the grumyiest of creatures. if anyone knew i put washing up liquid in foundations they would have a fit – so sometimes… so put something like this up… but ill be good and finsih writing my dirty story for Master.x

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