As Master said the A & D couple was a quick fizzle out and last Thursday was just a disaster. But then another couple emailed us. I was hesitant at first, and to be honest, if I had been the one in the driver’s seat I might have went right on passed them.  But He followed up with them and started a chat. They’re very sweet, funny, down to earth and mature for their age. Well….they’re a little younger than us…..21 to be exact. Master set up a date for Sunday. We had the kids Friday and Saturday night so we agreed on Sunday afternoon…
I was nervous.  I always get nervous meeting new people. I felt comfortable right from the start though. Her and I chatted, Master and him chatted while Master was making lunch. We seemed to hit it off pretty well actually. Lots of laughing, some drinking, lots of loosening up. We finished up lunch and the conversation flowed pretty nicely. Then we moved into the family room.
We all talked about our experiences in the non-monogamous lifestyle, and opened up about our strange situation with the poly attempt and our exes and such.  Master and I are not ashamed of any of it.  It’s a part of our history now and how we met and fell in love.
After chatting for a bit, as always, Master took a little command and threw it out there, asking them if they were interested in playing or not and they both readily agreed. We decided to stay in the family room, not for the sanctity of our bedroom but to have room for all of us to move.  We only have a queen after all.  I left my king with Red 😑. I actually like Master’s bed.  A king would be somewhat of a waste because we usually sleep so close to each other. But for playing purposes, a king does come in handy. Anyway, taking a little away from our experience of the other night, Master suggested the same, giving us girls massages. He got the comforter, pillows and massage oil out. We laid down and let the men do their thing. It didn’t take long for clothes to start coming off. I noticed that he followed Master’s direction.  Whatever they did, we ended up doing.  Considering this is their first time out with a couple (they’ve had 3somes before), it wasn’t a bad idea.  Unless he felt pressured, which I certainly hope he didn’t.
In one sense, it’s hot to see Master in action and being pleased but on the other end, it’s hard because I’m possessive and can be a little jealous and insecure.  This is basically how we met. And that’s the crushing reality.  Not that I think it will happen again and He will run away with any of the girls we have or will play with but tell that to the insecure little girl deep inside.
They were doing their thing and we started to as well….I noticed he kept looking over. And whether it was because he is a little bit of a voyeur, he felt like he was in competition with Master or even jealous, I don’t know. It feels a little dirty to admit I totally fucked a 21 year old. And liked it. 😶  I can’t even tell how many positions we ended up in, who did what in what sequence, I just know that I got fucked and fucked hard and fulfilled a couple of fantasies at the same time.  One, I’ve never been with a black guy before. Two, he was the sterotypical “BBC”…he fit inside me nicely but a little too big for my mouth. I don’t have a big mouth so that was a little of a struggle for me.
They are both interested in the Dom/sub lifestyle as well so when he was a little dominant with me and pulled my hair, he was so much gentler than Master. I told him to pull harder. He smacked my ass a few times and held my hands behind my back from behind. There was a little group play, I kissed her, we sort of formed a circle.  I know we would definitely touch on that again….if…
I’m a sensual lover, I touch a lot and I kiss a lot.  It’s who I am. Master noticed I kissed him at some point and it made Him twitchy.  I don’t honestly know if I can turn that off. Once I’m down in it and in the heat of the moment, I am who I am. Afterwards, we all sat back and talked a bit more. He seemed a little distant for a few moments but you know it was his first foursome and the first time he had seen his girlfriend with another man.  I know that can be…..unsettling once the heat of the moment passes. They went home shortly after and Master and I settled into our night.
Master admitted some of the things that made Him twitchy. We talked, I struggled.  I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what got me so emotional, whether it was seeing Him really enjoy Himself with her, if it was guilt that I enjoyed myself and actually had an orgasm….or two..(it’s rare that I cum with someone the first time) or if the babygirl in me was just scared and hurt.  Whatever it was, Master held me, loved me, protected me, reassured me. We kissed, cuddled, made love and He told me more than a couple of times that it makes Him realize how lucky He is and what we have together, no matter how much He may have enjoyed playing with her.
Will we play again? No. Master layed down the “one cock rule”. It isn’t worth it for either of us. Too much to deal with. And really, for what? We both love our sex life too much and all both of us could think about was getting back to each other afterwards.
Do I regret it? No. It was an experience and we all learn something from our experiences.


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