Played Out

This couple was sweet, genuine, intelligent, respectful, open minded, contemplative, attractive, and YOUNG! There was nothing more I could have asked from them. We did have a great time. Conversation, lunch, cocktails…all was easy and fun.

As Baby Doll said, I had a couple twitchy moments.  We play rough and she had said it was ok if I played rough, a little spanking some hair pulling and the like. I took that to mean she was ok if I did it, but we never clarified if she was ok with it being done to her… so he spanked her, pulled her hair, I wasn’t so much jealous as protective, was she ok with it?
Then there was the sheer magnitude of his member and his young man’s ability and enthusiasm. shook the whole apartment. I am no young man, and average in size… I can handle my own…but still…
I was generally ok with the whole thing…but I just wanted my babygirl back. My partner was fun, attractive, enthusiastic, nothing to complain about…but she wasn’t my babygirl!
I knew when it was all done and we were sitting there that the young man was not ok. He was distant, far away… I tried to bring him back. He tried and at least faked it well. Feigning that he had a good time and was ok. Jealousy and insecurity. .. not always easy to handle.  I’ve reached out to them, hoping they are ok, asking if they want to talk. Silence…
Then this afternoon I read Baby Doll ‘s blog and it came flooding to me that she is mine. That I don’t WANT her to enjoy anybody else’s cock. After her little melt down last night, and mine today…the decision…not worth it. It takes us away from each other in the planning, during the deed we just want to be together, and after we question why… so what’s the point? To prove we are evolved? I guess we aren’t, and that’s ok.

New rules, if Baby Doll really misses and needs some pussy in her life, I get it! I won’t deny that part of her… but… we only play together and we only play with women. So then she would still have  to deal with her insecurities. We talked tonight… I asked if she could play with a woman on her own, would she? She says she doesn’t know, maybe not. So maybe we play with a unicorn someday, but no time soon.

It was an experience. .. and now I’m done. I am more than content with just Baby Doll, I don’t need anything else. I don’t need variety. As Baby Doll puts it…the juice is NOT worth the squeeze. I’m off to pull down our ads, and shut down the accounts.

I love my babygirl more than I thought possible. There is nothing in this world worth endangering that. I don’t want to love anyone else, nor her to love anyone else.  We belong to each other…


7 thoughts on “Played Out

      1. So right my dear! I told Baby Doll that very same thing. I got very sad at the thought the at I had started to take her for granted. I am seeing her with fresh eyes again! Realizing the gift I’ve been given.


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