Having had a couple of days to process our recent adventures, Master mentioned that we aren’t evolved enough to be non-monogamous.  But I disagree. I think because we were able to go thru with it with little consequence, we are evolved. Neither of us got upset at the other or blamed each other for anything. Any jealousy or insecure moments were recognized immediately for just that and not projected onto anyone or anything else. We talked about whatever we needed to talk about without judgement or resentment of any kind. Of course, a lot of this comes from the fact that we started our relationship as poly from the very beginning. Even so, things could have gone horribly wrong but neither of us let it. We not only discussed the events but how they made us feel and why.
When Master made His final decision, it was after an exhausting and emotional day dealing with the exes and He told me quite sternly that it may not be fair but this isn’t a “fair” relationship. I am His subbie and He makes the rules.  I may plead my case, however, final decision is His. His tone was almost angry and I immediately asked Him if He was and if I had done something to anger Him. It was the tone of the day, that’s all. I was actually thinking the same thing and was a little relieved when we seemed to be on the same page. I just was not interested. Master is who I want.  There isn’t anything I really yearn for outside of our relationship or our sex life. Sex with women? Yes I’ve enjoyed it in the past. Will I get to a point that I absolutely have to have it again? Unsure but we are both willing to deal with it if that time comes. I am more than content with my Papa Bear in every way.  For someone who thought polyamory was the neatest concept since sliced bread, I even shock myself by saying that.


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