Time Needed


It is amazing how life can get in the way of true connection, even between the most intertwined of couples.  Between Baby Doll’s class for a month and a half, my school, kids, our little play adventure, obligations with the parentals, and now being under the weather for a few days…it seems like we haven’t had a good D/s night with lots of sex and cuddling and reconnection in a while. We are still not 100% health wise, and we still have the kids, but we are both crawling out of our skin for each other. There will definitely be some naked yum yum time tonight. ..probably more of an appetizer with the rest of the meal to come tomorrow.
Baby Doll finally got her loan officer license the other day and has her first face to face client meeting on Friday! Having just worked the phones she has already brought in a half million dollars in business in just 2 weeks! So proud of her!
Needless to say, we will be celebrating tomorrow! And for damn sure I will be treating her like my very own oreo! And if she’s a VERY good babygirl she will get the beating I know she desires as well! I love this life.
I love this life with my Baby Doll!
My humblest gratitude to the powers that be in the Universe that you have brought me this woman with whom I get to share my life.


3 thoughts on “Time Needed

  1. I completely agree. Life has a way of sucking the fun out of everything. Lol. Feel better and congratulations to BD for a job well done!!! We are trying to find our way back as well it’s hard but I know that you just have to do it.

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    1. Your Daddy and I have started talking, hopefully we can all help each other! This is a beautiful way to live, but it still has its challenges! Be well Angel!

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