Today, so far, has been a very yummy day. We are without kids therefore morning naked yum yum time happened. But did we get out of bed? No. We talked, rolled around, laughed, played, touched, kissed and fondled some more. Only when empty stomachs couldn’t be ignored any longer did we drag ourselves out of bed to fill the void. I made a filling, cheesy delight which Master and I loved. We watched a little TV, did the dishes and ended up back in bed. Repeat of the morning. For some reason we’ve been holding off on fucking again despite a desperate growing ache gnawing at both of us. Master made lunch, we watched another show. This time He instructed me to take off my nightshirt and sit across from Him naked. He has not been able to keep His hands off me nor have I been able to keep mine away from Him. We’re like teenagers discovering each other’s bodies, immensely enjoying the teasing and flirting and thinking about what the night will actually bring, should we be able to wait that long. The time came for us to clean up and we showered. I received my GS, followed by our promises to Lead/follow to each other. I had asked Master if He would like me to get dolled up for Him tonight. He gently declined but I managed to let him know I really did want to do it and He said I could then. He had instructed me to stay naked for Him the rest of the night, but then added He wanted me to wear a slinky little thong for Him. While Master went to grab a few things for dinner, I did my hair and make up in my Baby Doll way.  A “little” goth, a “little” babygirl all mixed together. He came home and gave me an approving smile while He snapped my play collar on as well. I like the freedom and the naughtiness of wearing almost nothing and having Master’s hands spank my ass and stroke my nakedness. 
This has been exactly what we needed to reconnect. The sensual loving and giggles and privacy to be exactly who we are and who we need to be.
Thank you Master for such a wonderful day and I’m sure….and even more amazing night to come.


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