I have never been in a relationship where sex, touching, playing, loving, being physical was a marathon event. All of my previous experiences were essentially wham, bam, thank you ma’am, and not by my choice! I love to linger and touch and play. Well, Saturday was our day. We were both essentially naked all day (more or less). I couldn’t tell you if I ever stopped touching Baby Doll…it felt like one long luxurious lovemaking session.  The best part, was the teasing…I don’t think I came but twice all day.  There is nothing like being hard all day, on verge of explosion more times than I can remember, yet holding it until the end of the evening. Spending my day stroking the purring kitty, feeling her gush as I just graze her lips, without even trying… playing the little pearl like a musical instrument, knowing exactly how to move for Baby Doll to make a desired noise…now that is…power, excitement, intimacy, knowledge, love…I love that I know exactly how to make her wet, how to make her eyes roll back in her head, how to make her beg for more or beg for me to stop, how to pull her hair just right so she sucks with even more enthusiasm, the perfect timing of a deliberate smack across the face, a hand-deadening blow to the ass…we recently posted about playing..trial, tribulations, fun, etc. This kind of knowledge is not possible with playmates. I protect my babygirl, I love her, and by god I fuck her!!! Long, hard, intense, leg shaking, sweet producing, breath taking… it is the only way.

Since that day, Baby Doll has repeatedly asked me if we can do more…more! I love it. I ask her to be naked for me to show me some servitude, so I can admire her beautiful body and she offers me more! Yes, Baby Doll… if we are alone…you are naked! (or nearly ;)) Hopefully many more days like that to cum!


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