The Begining of an Ending


Finally, finally, fucking finally!!!! It’s been in the works since April… We got Red, the last remaining dumbass holdout to finally sign the fucking divorce papers!

We have all, ok well not all, been working on getting these divorces done really since the beginning of June.  I had 100% of my part done by the beginning of July. Kitty finished her part and signed in August. Baby Doll had 100% of her part done in August. We have been on Red’s ass since July to take the fucking parenting class and sign the papers. He had done NOTHING! He had a weeks vacation in the beginning of September and both he and Kitty promised it would all get done…NOTHING! So what was the problem. Well he is a lazy good for nothing piece of shit…but that’s just for starters. He can’t stand us knowing that they are living paycheck to paycheck and don’t have the money. There are so many fucked up things about that last statement that I just don’t feel like going into. The upshot you might ask…well Baby Doll and I are going to have to pay for their ENTIRE divorce! That’s right kids…and that was only after threatening that if he didn’t get it done “nicely” now, we would take him to court! Normally this would only mildly irritate me…but right now, I am essentially paying so that he can be divorced and marry my ex before their bastard child is born. Ok…maybe I’m harsh. But Baby Doll and I had a wedding date picked out and now that he has dragged his feet for so long and continued to be one of the biggest douche bags on the face of the planet…it won’t happen…  So, yes, I’m paying to have my wedding day NOT happen.

Ok…I’m breathing…calming down…silver linings…

I get Baby Doll!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

He can’t hold anything over our heads any more. His last remaining power has been stripped. Now, if he messes with anything he lands in court!

I get Baby Doll!!! :):):)

The love of my life.
The mother of one of my children (if all goes well, not until next year).
A woman who knows how to treat a man like a man.
A woman to whom I can give all that I am.

And she is all mine! Mind, heart, body, and soul! She has given herself to me in more profound ways than most vanilla couples could ever understand. We are bonded in love, pain, commitment, devotion, servitude, dominance, submission… I never her asked her if I could own her…Baby Doll asked me if I would take her on. She told me that I owned her! To be given something not only of freewill but without being asked…such a gift.

I believe we have hatched an even better wedding plan than the original…New Orleans baby… Elope to a city that holds us both in her dark and mysterious heart. Perhaps a wedding in the City of the Dead… we shall see…

In the end…this isn’t over, it will never be over…but it will get better and it is always worth it!!


3 thoughts on “The Begining of an Ending

  1. Those are all little things…..yes, we lost the date we wanted. We knew it could happen. But it’s ok. We’ll be free soon enough to get married in my favorite place on this earth (so far, until Master shows me the rest of the world). Breathe a sigh of relief that at least this part is done and we can move on to the next.
    I love you Papa Bear!!! I’ll be all yours so very soon! I can’t wait.


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